friday phone dump 01.18.13

friday phone dump 01.18.13

kate left napkins for kirby by her bowls | gram & princess caroline reading
kate nervous on the carousel at the mall | caroline climbing onto the table | sleepy in the car
kate on the "beach" | caroline put herself in "time out" and started to fuss (she's seen that a few times from big sis) | silly face
playing w/ shadow | fave iPad app - instruments | caroline climbing onto the table again
relaxing bubble bath | bath hugs | waiting for dance class to start
dance class 1 (wall flower) | dance class 2 (participating!) | ginormous balloon
at the perot museum for her birthday | asleep in the car on the way there (no nap at home!) | snow on tuesday (1/15) 
out of order - birthday museum trip | museum daddy + caroline | caroline dress up 
caroline sunglasses | tractor at whole foods | kate hard at work

iPhone 5 + Instagram (@sarcar04) +/- VSCO cam 

friday phone dump 01.04.13

I fell off the "friday phone dump" wagon many months ago as I have not really been taking very many pics with my phone. I do have a few to share, though.
The first seven are back from September and October. The rest are from December, and the last two are from dump 1.4.13 mosaic

first time to the donut shop | ClickinWalk
simultaneous sliding | kiss for Caroline | kiss for Kate
sweet sister hugs | another hug (lots of playing in the backyard in October!) | cute Caroline expression
silhouette | playing TOGETHER! | dress up
snowman in the window | backyard snow play - Caroline didn't last long | bathtub kisses
C in the stroller | C kicking the soccer ball | K dancing along w/ The Nutcracker

And because I really loved this, here's the silhouette picture bigger. Definitely taking my good camera to this spot sometime... we'll have to try to recreate this. :)

friday phone dump 8.17.12

I can't believe it's been so long (2 months!) since my last phone dump. The first one in this set was from Father's Day!


Father's Day breakfast at Ikea | Caroline asleep at the zoo | Kate w/ zoo map
alone time! | official walker | fun with friends | diving rings as crowns
sick baby | Rangers game | ballpark fireworks | a gorgeous rainbow - could see the entire arc!
playground | another splash pad visit | riding the skylink train at the airport | at the MN farmhouse
both girls conked out - a rare sight! | airplane "fun" 1, 2, 3
a wonderful trip to Costco had to be documented - girls laughing and hugging and kissing
watching You Tube videos | building towers (notice the ponytail!) | one chair is better than two | swinging

iphone 4 + instagram (sarcar04) and/or VSCOcam

phone dump 6.15.12

06.15.12 mosaic

kate + kirby
lunch @ patina green
ride'em cowgirl | baby pool
corn on the cob from daddy's garden (and eating it the wrong way!) | trike
picking tomatoes w/ granddaddy
caroline + daddy | trouble
vacuuming outfit: birthday hat and one rain boot | sticker face
awesome clouds | sunflower field
racing | duet

iPhone 4 + instagram (sarcar04) and/or vsco cam

friday phone dump 6.8.12

06.08.12 mosaic

garden strawberry
baby pool 1&2
watching daddy make breakfast | popsicles w/ friends
sending back the rental - boo! | #cmglimpse wedding ring
dress up - tutu, gloves, tiara, rain boots | anxious in the car wash
birthday pancakes | playing together
shopping carts - kate now asks for caroline to sit next to her. :)
big girl car seats | birthday picnic
remote hog | self-portrait by kate
another shopping cart pic - caroline loves driving! | in fort worth for girls' weekend
bank lollipop after swim lessons | reading w/ "mimissa"
playing zoo-keeper | new jessie & bullseye from the "mickey" (disney) store
bath time | playing in window light

taken w/ iphone 4 + instagram and/or vsco cam

friday phone dump 5.18.12

It's been a busy month, and my lens I usually use outdoors is having focusing issues. Need to get it fixed before Caroline's birthday! 

At least this will be a small glimpse at what we've been up to over the past few weeks...


daddy at the door | brushing
happy camper waiting for oil change | lounging | not pedaling
window watching ("what do you see, kate?" "balloons! rocket ship!") | balloon | play mates
swing | road trip | nana and pops' house
nana's ipad | road trip 2 | crinkle-nose smile
more window watching ("what do you see, kate?" "booby traps.") | balloon | backyard blow-up pool
spider and web - yuck! | cuddling on the dog bed - yuck! | rearview mirror
stickers | sister giggles | caroline on monitor w/ feet crossed and tucked in her fave corner
kirby love | at the "beach" | caroline splash pad
girls splash pad | love this wall - kate | wall - caroline

iphone 4 + instagram (sarcar04) | VSCO cam | olloclip

friday phone dump 4.27.12

phone dump mosaic 4.27.12

sick | snuggles
feet | big girl 1 | big girl 2
you know she's sick when she does this | honeysuckle vine | moth
moth wing | caroline driving | an interesting way to honk the horn
shadows | source | impromptu picnic
water table | toy story | zonked 1
zonked 2 | chow time | had to wake her up to get kate from school = grouchy!
bottle | line-em-up | sacked out
swing | water table | happy outside
bubbles 1, 2, 3
dinner by myself | laughing | caroline & mommy
playing in the sink | waiting for scraps | matching hats

iPhone 4 | Instagram (sarcar04) | some w/ new VSCO cam app

friday phone dump 4.13.12

highchair feet | playing in the sink | squishy baby | ball
standing on her own | #draping | hives | pei wei | excited to help daddy wash the car
washing the car | tornado weather | diaper girls | daddy's girls | lifegroup easter egg hunt
caroline's egg | kate's basket | on daddy's shoulders | easter dresses | happy birthday to kirby
rainbrella | caroline wants out too | reading (upside down) | counting coins in the jar | animal faces with gram

iphone 4 | instagram (sarcar04)