friday phone dump 5.18.12

It's been a busy month, and my lens I usually use outdoors is having focusing issues. Need to get it fixed before Caroline's birthday! 

At least this will be a small glimpse at what we've been up to over the past few weeks...


daddy at the door | brushing
happy camper waiting for oil change | lounging | not pedaling
window watching ("what do you see, kate?" "balloons! rocket ship!") | balloon | play mates
swing | road trip | nana and pops' house
nana's ipad | road trip 2 | crinkle-nose smile
more window watching ("what do you see, kate?" "booby traps.") | balloon | backyard blow-up pool
spider and web - yuck! | cuddling on the dog bed - yuck! | rearview mirror
stickers | sister giggles | caroline on monitor w/ feet crossed and tucked in her fave corner
kirby love | at the "beach" | caroline splash pad
girls splash pad | love this wall - kate | wall - caroline

iphone 4 + instagram (sarcar04) | VSCO cam | olloclip