Pumpkin Patch (on film)

(Sept. 27) We go every year to the Celina "Big Orange Pumpkin Farm" with our life group friends. I decided just to blow through a roll of film rather than overshoot and have more pictures in my editing queue! I decided just to take a chance and get them developed at Walgreens. Walgreens didn't do so hot (they have some bad lines running through them), but since these were just snapshots, I didn't really mind.

Nikon D80 + Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens

Portra 400, rated box speed, overexposed 1-2 stops

Scanned by Walgreens

Highly imperfect, but sharing anyway. :)



I know her eyes are closed, but it was too cute not to share...R1-01190-0005R1-01190-0006R1-01190-0007R1-01190-0008


So proud of Kate for working up the nerve to feed the animals this year. Caroline didn't want to have any part of that!



Just a fraction of our crew:


baby clark

(from April 19)

Meet Clark! His claim to fame is that he was born in the car. You read that right! Visit Kelly's blog if you're interested in that story! She also has a wonderfully honest post about the transition from 1 kid to 2 she posted recently. Check it out!

Kelly is one of my great friends from my LensBaby meetup group. Her daughter Claire is between Kate & Caroline in age, and the three of them have a lot of fun together. We're so thrilled for our sweet friends and their darling new boy.

I believe Clark was 13 days old when I met him for our photo shoot. I definitely don't claim to be a newborn photographer, but Clark sure made it easy on me. He slept so soundly the entire time I was there!

Here are a few of my favorites-

friday phone dump 8.17.12

I can't believe it's been so long (2 months!) since my last phone dump. The first one in this set was from Father's Day!


Father's Day breakfast at Ikea | Caroline asleep at the zoo | Kate w/ zoo map
alone time! | official walker | fun with friends | diving rings as crowns
sick baby | Rangers game | ballpark fireworks | a gorgeous rainbow - could see the entire arc!
playground | another splash pad visit | riding the skylink train at the airport | at the MN farmhouse
both girls conked out - a rare sight! | airplane "fun" 1, 2, 3
a wonderful trip to Costco had to be documented - girls laughing and hugging and kissing
watching You Tube videos | building towers (notice the ponytail!) | one chair is better than two | swinging

iphone 4 + instagram (sarcar04) and/or VSCOcam

hadley is one! *sneak peek*

I met up with my friend, Erica, last weekend, and we had a quick evening photo shoot for sweet Hadley's first birthday coming up soon! This session was so much fun; while Hadley has taken her first steps, she's not a full-fledged walker yet, so she was content to just sit on the chair and smile! Her big, sparkly brown eyes were neat to capture. I'm so used to the blue eyes of my girls!

Happy first birthday (soon), Hadley!

hadley storyboard1

hadley storyboard2

hadley storyboard3

baby callie @ one month old

Our LifeGroup is made up of 11 families now, and we recently hit a baby boom of four new babies all born within a month of each other. They brought our kid-count for the group to 22 (all four years and under, by the way). Meet Callie, one of these new additions!

Typically newborn photos are best taken when the baby is less than 10 days old. Callie was born right before Christmas, though, and things were a little busy during that window! I finally made it over there when she was one month old. It took a little patience, but with the sound machine going and a space heater nearby, she drifted off and let me position her for the shots. Because she wasn't in a super-deep sleep, I hesitated to do move her too much or mess with wrapping her or pulling headbands on and off. She was a champ, though, and I was able to get several sweet shots. Here are the few I've finished so far!