pumpkin patch

Usually the girls and I go each year with friends to the pumpkin patch, but we're on opposite school schedules as most of them now. So instead, we included Daddy and went together last weekend for fun at the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Celina. It was very crowded, but we had a fun morning together! Disclaimer - these are just snapshots! The light was harsh and ever-changing, so they are what they are!

Caroline's 3rd Birthday

We had a very laid back, family birthday to celebrate our spunky Caroline turning three! She wanted a butterfly-themed party, so we went to the Heard Museum and checked out the butterfly exhibit. Next we hit Mellow Mushroom for pizza and headed back home for cupcakes and presents. All in all a wonderful day for the birthday girl, with the exception of a tumble out of the chair right before we were going to sing Happy Birthday. Fortunately all her teeth were still in tact, and the promise of cupcakes and presents helped her forget the pain pretty quickly. SPC_7002-Edit-EditSPC_7011-EditSPC_7035-EditSPC_7056-Edit-2SPC_7059-EditSPC_7064-EditSPC_7086-Edit-2-EditSPC_7097-Edit-EditSPC_7108-EditSPC_7118-Edit-2SPC_7135-EditSPC_7138-EditSPC_7139-EditSPC_7142-EditSPC_7169-Edit-2-EditSPC_7177-Edit-2-EditSPC_7204-EditSPC_7209-EditSPC_7211-Edit



And a poorly done video with my DSLR:

it's the little things: family

We spent Christmas in Austin with Nick's family. We sure enjoyed getting to spend some time with them! Nana worked tirelessly in the kitchen to prepare many meals for us while we were there. Caroline watched intently as she peeled potatoes, and it was one of those sweet little moments I knew I needed to grab the camera for. It's just Celeste and me for our blog "circle" this time! Head on over to her post to see her beautiful work!










Llano River Trip: FILM batch 2

Here is the second roll of film from our trip to the river with Nick's fam.

Nikon N80 + 85mm or 28mm
Fuji 400H (rated at box speed and overexposed by 1-2 stops)
Scanned by Walgreens (So disappointed by the awful lines going through all of these. May just bite the bullet and send them all out to pro labs from now on.)

I'll have one more "Llano River Trip" post once I get my digitals done!

Llano River Trip: Friday Evening FILM

 We spent last weekend down at the river in Llano with Nick's family. We had a great time, and we hope to make it an annual thing. The girls weren't too excited to get in the water, but wanted instead to stay close to Nick and me to just dip their toes in and splash.

I have more digital pictures (and a few more on another roll of film I need to finish), but the digitals have to get culled and edited. I'm VERY behind on my digital editing. That's the beauty of film... so quick just to pick my favorites from the roll and post 'em! ;)

Kodak Portra 400, rated at box speed and overexposed 1-2 stops by metering for shadows
Nikon N80 + switched between my 28mm and my 85 I think (or maybe I just left the 85 on??)
Scanned at Walgreens (not sure they did so great... the color looks pretty good, but there are lots of dust spots, splotches, and lines running through them)




from July 22-29

This summer Nick's parents took the four of us up to Minnesota to visit the fam. All of Nick's grandparents live there as well as aunts, uncles, and cousins galore! Our last trip was 2 summers ago when Kate was 6 months old. We missed out on the trip last summer since Caroline was a newborn, so everyone was thrilled to meet her this year! 

This is major picture overload, so just scroll fast. ;) And after all that scrolling, there are some more miscellaneous pics in a Flickr slideshow. (I got tired of putting them all into storyboards!)

At the Carlson farm... playing with "new" toys, exploring, picking raspberries.

At Uncle Joe & Aunt Sandra's... making friends with Monarch & Extreme.


Kate looking through pictures of Daddy...


Shucking corn and playing out front...


And playing in the corn fields...


More Monarch & Extreme. (Every horse is now compared to these two.)


These were taken at Aunt Lai & Uncle Chris's house (other side of the family) later in the week... Kate playing croquet and Caroline just being super cute.


And here are the rest...