7 favorites on 7 - november

I'm back to blogging with our "7 Favorites on 7" blog circle this month! Follow the blog circle next to my friend, Megan Dill. I can't wait to see what she posts this month!

Kate is completely smitten with Abby! Yesterday she wanted to rock her baby sister, so together we took Abby upstairs to show her her nursery for the first time. I made sure to grab the cameras, too. (I took a few film shots as well!)

No one looks completely comfortable at first-



But they settled into it-



Here Kate is showing Abby how to smile for the camera -



christmas cookies 2013

from 12/6 The girls had such a fun time making Christmas cookies this year. I let them pretty much destroy the dough. Kate decided they would be making pizzas instead, and I was having too much fun watching them play to salvage the dough. I did end up re-rolling it and baking them, but they were hard as a rock! Better luck next year!

Here's my post from last year.... what a nice sunny day that was! These were taken the first day of the ice storm, so there was very little light coming in.












And here's an insanely long video. I was having so much fun watching them play that I had no idea how long I'd been recording. :)  Also, I took it with my camera, and since I don't really know how to use the video capabilities, there's a lot of re-focusing. You've been warned!

it's the little things: siblings

Kate was just 8 months old when we found out I was pregnant with Caroline. While having two this close in age definitely has its challenges, we recognize it as an opportunity for these two to become best friends. We pray daily for their relationship to take this direction. We've seen so many glimmers lately of the sweet relationship that is to come. Follow our blog circle to see Parihka's siblings post!