Mother's Day FILM

Yup, another roll of film. (Or actually, the second part of this roll.)

For Mother's Day, we took a picnic lunch to Arbor Hills after church. I just took my film camera, but I sorely regretted that decision when the girls started splashing around in the stream and I ran out of film! Just means we'll have to go back. ;)

Nikon N80 + 50mm
Portra 400 (rated at box speed)
Scanned by Indie Film Lab (large scans)

Llano River Trip: FILM batch 2

Here is the second roll of film from our trip to the river with Nick's fam.

Nikon N80 + 85mm or 28mm
Fuji 400H (rated at box speed and overexposed by 1-2 stops)
Scanned by Walgreens (So disappointed by the awful lines going through all of these. May just bite the bullet and send them all out to pro labs from now on.)

I'll have one more "Llano River Trip" post once I get my digitals done!

Llano River Trip: Friday Evening FILM

 We spent last weekend down at the river in Llano with Nick's family. We had a great time, and we hope to make it an annual thing. The girls weren't too excited to get in the water, but wanted instead to stay close to Nick and me to just dip their toes in and splash.

I have more digital pictures (and a few more on another roll of film I need to finish), but the digitals have to get culled and edited. I'm VERY behind on my digital editing. That's the beauty of film... so quick just to pick my favorites from the roll and post 'em! ;)

Kodak Portra 400, rated at box speed and overexposed 1-2 stops by metering for shadows
Nikon N80 + switched between my 28mm and my 85 I think (or maybe I just left the 85 on??)
Scanned at Walgreens (not sure they did so great... the color looks pretty good, but there are lots of dust spots, splotches, and lines running through them)