friday phone dump 01.04.13

I fell off the "friday phone dump" wagon many months ago as I have not really been taking very many pics with my phone. I do have a few to share, though.
The first seven are back from September and October. The rest are from December, and the last two are from dump 1.4.13 mosaic

first time to the donut shop | ClickinWalk
simultaneous sliding | kiss for Caroline | kiss for Kate
sweet sister hugs | another hug (lots of playing in the backyard in October!) | cute Caroline expression
silhouette | playing TOGETHER! | dress up
snowman in the window | backyard snow play - Caroline didn't last long | bathtub kisses
C in the stroller | C kicking the soccer ball | K dancing along w/ The Nutcracker

And because I really loved this, here's the silhouette picture bigger. Definitely taking my good camera to this spot sometime... we'll have to try to recreate this. :)