friday phone dump 8.17.12

I can't believe it's been so long (2 months!) since my last phone dump. The first one in this set was from Father's Day!


Father's Day breakfast at Ikea | Caroline asleep at the zoo | Kate w/ zoo map
alone time! | official walker | fun with friends | diving rings as crowns
sick baby | Rangers game | ballpark fireworks | a gorgeous rainbow - could see the entire arc!
playground | another splash pad visit | riding the skylink train at the airport | at the MN farmhouse
both girls conked out - a rare sight! | airplane "fun" 1, 2, 3
a wonderful trip to Costco had to be documented - girls laughing and hugging and kissing
watching You Tube videos | building towers (notice the ponytail!) | one chair is better than two | swinging

iphone 4 + instagram (sarcar04) and/or VSCOcam