july 11: lens baby beach date

We had a great time playing at the lake with our Lens Baby friends this morning! I showed restraint and only took a few photos today. I have a ton from last week I still need to edit and post! It's on the list. ;)


This is her "Are you watching me, because I think I'm doing something I'm not supposed to" look. She's a cute little stinker.


lens baby @ the tunnel at adriatica

The girls and I met up with our Lens Baby playgroup this afternoon over at a neat tunnel near the Kastel building at Adriatica. The lighting was great; at the edge of the tunnel you could get great light coming into the eyes and on the face, but you could also get more shadows and interesting light the further into the tunnel you went. Kate had a blast, too. After everyone else left, Kate and I played that the tunnel was a pirate ship. She's getting so good at pretending; she kept yelling, "There's a storm coming!" She had fun falling overboard and swimming back to the ship. We will definitely come back here to play again!

Be warned... you are going to go cross eyed looking at these!

Lens Baby: Cake Smash

(from May 14, 2012)

Caroline and a couple of her Lens Baby pals modeled for our group to have a "cake smash" shoot. It was really challenging for me to keep her contained and shoot. I had icing all over my camera!

These first ones of her with the strawberries were inspired by the top image here on this blog. With her first birthday party being a strawberry theme, I was dying to try this!

And some balloon shots...

And finally a few cake ones. I was really disappointed in these, but I can't begin to tell you how difficult it was to wrangle her and shoot. Also consider there were several other moms around me taking pictures, so I couldn't exactly move into any position I wanted! But this girl got INTO this cake. I mean, she pretty much dove in, and she even had it all in her hair by the end.

Birthday party pics up next. I'm on a roll!

lens baby: bubbles

Our meetup theme was "bubbles" on Wednesday afternoon, but I didn't really get many shots of the girls with the bubbles! We had a fun time with friends on a beautiful afternoon at the park.

I LOVE this one of Caroline. I need to get this one printed large!

Here's Kate trying to pop the bubbles with a dandelion stem. :)

Some of our group... and my girls climbing all over someone else's stroller. 

And I know they're not both looking, but it's a feat to even get these two in the same shot! I'll take it! :)

lens baby: arbor hills nature preserve

Last Friday we spent the morning at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. We had a great time with our Lens Baby friends!

Kate loved this rock and kept climbing all over it. It was the perfect spot because it kept her somewhat contained and occupied long enough for me to grab some shots! (And the tree bokeh was just gorgeous here!)

arbor hills storyboard1

And we can't leave Caroline out! She missed her morning nap for our outing and was a little crabby, so I  didn't get many of her.

arbor hills storyboard2

Kate hadn't seen her friend, Hayley, in a while; it was cute to see them holding hands and walking together.

arbor hills storyboard3

lens baby: tea party at harry moss park

We've had a ton of Lens Baby meetups lately! We're taking advantage of the nice weather and getting out as much as possible before the unbearable heat sets in.

We drove down to a favorite location, Harry Moss Park, for a tea party-themed shoot. Of course, my girls ended up being the only girls there! We really just enjoyed the pretty location more than really going with the theme so much. Kate liked the pinwheel that her friend brought, so that was her prop of choice. :)

LB tea party storyboard