baby callie @ one month old

Our LifeGroup is made up of 11 families now, and we recently hit a baby boom of four new babies all born within a month of each other. They brought our kid-count for the group to 22 (all four years and under, by the way). Meet Callie, one of these new additions!

Typically newborn photos are best taken when the baby is less than 10 days old. Callie was born right before Christmas, though, and things were a little busy during that window! I finally made it over there when she was one month old. It took a little patience, but with the sound machine going and a space heater nearby, she drifted off and let me position her for the shots. Because she wasn't in a super-deep sleep, I hesitated to do move her too much or mess with wrapping her or pulling headbands on and off. She was a champ, though, and I was able to get several sweet shots. Here are the few I've finished so far!