kate is 3 years old!

Dear Kate,
Last Sunday we celebrated your third birthday! You are getting to be such a big girl, and it's hard to know where to start describing your abilities and your personality, especially since the last time I wrote an update was a year ago. You've changed a lot since then! I'll just start typing and hope I cover all the bases.


* love to dance and sing and play dress up. It's so fun to watch you play pretend and hear the little conversations you have with your stuffed animals and the replies you make for them. You still love music, and you're very interested in all the different instruments. You are SO into all the Disney Princesses, and you love to play with Duplo blocks and pretend food. You're starting to like puzzles now (yay!), but honestly, nothing really keeps your attention for very long.

* love going to school. School has been so much fun for you this school year! You still go just one day a week. Drop off is always very easy (for you, anyways... Caroline cries when you walk into your room!). I'm so thankful you like going!

* are my little Velcro-child. You want to be by my side all of the time and want me right with you. You get it honestly... Mommy was the exact same way.

* are a perfectionist. We started noticing this before you were even 2 years old, but we're really seeing it more now. You don't like to be asked to "perform" for others (to do the cute things you do at home), and taking risks and doing new things can be hard for you at times.

* definitely have a mind of your own. That's all I'll say. :)

* have a flair for the dramatic. When you're miffed about something, you cross your arms and "hmmmph!"loudly and repeatedly. You're also a master at making yourself cry.

* are very sensitive, and you get your feelings hurt easily. I have to be careful not to make you feel I'm laughing at you. You sometimes say the funniest things, though, and I have to laugh! I promise - I'm just enjoying you!

* are cautious. You take a while to warm up around big groups and doing new things. You're also cautious about things like going down slides.

* are a busy bee. You started giving up your nap at 2 1/2, and just this week I've finally given in that you're just going to have "room time" instead of "nap time." I was really trying to hang on to that!

* potty trained and transitioned to a big girl bed back in October. While the first morning of potty training was incredibly hard (you were being stubborn), you caught on that afternoon, and you "got it" that first day. You are dry all the time... day and night!

* talk very well and say everything. I have recently been writing down some of the funny things you say. Here are a few:
    - You scowl and say, "Are you kidding me?"
    - Often you say you liked something back when you were a little girl. (Like, "I loved carrots when I was a little girl.")
    - "Mommy, don't say 'no' to me. That hurts my feelings."
    - "My lips are shaking. I need the iPad to make me feel better."
    - "Watch me clap my teeth!" (chomping)
    - ME: "Kate, can you help me feed Kirby?" KATE: "Oh, okay. I'll be with you in one minute."
    - At the museum on your bday: "That's from the Ice Age, when Mommy was a little girl."

You bring us great joy, sweet Kate. Can't wait to see what adventures THREE holds for you!

Mama and Daddy

Official Stats
Weight: 33.8 pounds (79th%; gained about 4.5 pounds this year)
Height: 38.5 inches (82nd %; grew about 4 inches this year)

Clothes: 3T and 4T

Sleep: 7/7:30pm-7am
Nap: stopped napping around 2 1/2

Teeth: 20, I think?

I just need to document that this was a very difficult photo shoot. You do NOT like when I pull out the camera. I need to give you a good long break from it after this disaster. I'm so glad we had something out of the set!
kate bday lollipop 1kate bday lollipop 2

Kate is 2 years old

Dear Kate,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, precious one! You are TWO years old today. In the car a few days ago I told you it would soon be your birthday and you asked, "Presents?" How did you know that?? Yes, there will be some presents for you, but I just want you to know what a gift you are to us!

You've been doing and saying some pretty darn cute things lately, and I need to list them out for you...

* We read together every night before bed, and Gingerbread Baby (by Jan Brett) was a December favorite. While we read one night, I decided to stop mid-sentence to see if you could supply the correct word. You could. I stopped again and again, and you knew the missing words. Incredible!

* You are starting to sing!! I've been waiting forever for you to try! You learned the tune of "The Blue Danube" waltz from Little Einsteins (your new favorite show, by the way), and you get it stuck in your head a lot! You pound out its rhythm on your drum and even sing it in-tune sometimes. Just yesterday you started singing "B-I-N-G-O" for Gram. You only sing the letters part and clap like crazy, but it's a start!

* Sometimes when you laugh (or start to pretend cry), you cover your mouth. (See pics below!)

* You've been your happy self again lately. I wonder if it has something to do with your language development. You're not frustrated with that barrier all the time. And while you're still in a mommy-phase, you haven't been so clingy lately.

* You're repeating everything we say now. I love it when I pray with you, and you repeat me.

* Your new favorite TV show is Little Einsteins. While you're not completely over Barney, we have had a nice break from him! We were in the car with Gram the other day, and I asked you, "Which kid plays the instruments?" You said, "Quincy!" Gram then asked, "What instruments does he play?" I thought you probably wouldn't understand the question, but you replied, "Horn, trumpet, drum, violin." I shouldn't underestimate you!

* You still hate to "perform." When I ask you to sing or dance or do some other cute Kate-thing, I get rejected. You shut down when I start trying to video you doing something cute. I'm going to have to hide the video camera so that we can document your fun personality!

* The other day I asked you, "Kate, what swallowed Jonah?" You said, "Jesus!" We'll work on it. :)

* We went to the allergist a couple of days ago. No answers yet. We have to do a blood draw on Monday followed by a skin test and "food challenge" appointment in a couple of weeks. I really hope it comes back negative. I want you to be able to have normal food!

* "DRUUUUUMstick, where ARRRRE you?" is your favorite phrase (except insert whatever item you want). You started this when we were at Nana and Pops' house for Christmas and we lost the Joseph piece to the nativity. You hunted high and low and with a sing-songy voice called out to him, "JOOOOseph, where ARRRRE you?" Now it's your phrase for any toy or misplaced item. I hear it a bajillion times a day, but it never gets old. It's so cute to hear you say it in your sweet toddler voice.

This is the last of your "monthly" posts and elephant pictures. I plan on just sharing the cute things as they happen now, and I'll give another formal update when you're 2 1/2!

Kate, you are a blessing to us and those around you. You are a remarkable TWO year old!

Mommy and Daddy

Official Stats
Weight: 29 lb, 3 oz (75th%)
34.8 inches (75-90th%)
Head: 18.8 inches (75th%)
Clothes: 2T (and some 3T pants)

Diaper Size: 5
Sleep: 7pm-7:30am
Nap: 12-2pm

Teeth: 16

Kate is 23 months old

Dear Kate,
You're getting so close to TWO now! Here are some of the things you've been saying and doing this month...

* You started calling me "Mommy" instead of "Mama." It was so out of the blue and very strange to hear!

* You suddenly started saying "Happy Birthday" all the time. I'm not really sure where it came from, but it's really funny. You say whose birthday it is, and I then sing the Happy Birthday song with their name.

* You love your Little Einsteins book about Farmer Annie growing tomatoes. On one page she sings "La La La" because she is so proud of her crop. Now throughout the day you like to yell "LA LA LA... ANNIE" and laugh and laugh.

* You're putting multiple words together to convey more complete thoughts.

* You're getting better at saying "yes" and minding us, even when it's not something you really want to do or when you're disappointed. Of course, it's not all the time, but we've noticed an improvement!

* You love your Little People Nativity set. You get most excited about the animals, but you know baby Jesus and Mary, too.

* "Hop me" is a request you make a lot. You like to hop around, and you like it even better when we hold you under your arms and "hop you" high. We've turned it into a Daddy game, though, so that it's something special just with him. So as soon as Daddy walks in the door every day, you say, "Hop me!"

* I'm always amazed at how I can say something just once in passing, and you remember even days later. You're very curious and observant.

* Oreos are your favorite these days. I bought the mini kind when I saw they don't have dairy in them (go figure). You get them for dessert and for snack sometimes. You used to always break them apart and eat one side at a time, but now you gobble them down fast and come asking for more.

* We've been reading Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett every night before bed. I have been meaning to look into buying a gingerbread house kit. I think you'd get a kick out of that. You love wearing your gingerbread girl shirt, too.

* You're doing a pretty good job of sharing toys with Caroline. (Really, you are the one playing with her toys a lot!) I often ask you to find a toy for Caroline, and you're pretty good at getting one for her.

* Don't want to get too graphic here, but just tonight you asked to go potty and you did it! I guess I need to read up on potty training now!

* You know "Santa," but anyone wearing a Santa hat is Santa to you... the little boy in the grocery store, the blow-up polar bear next door, etc. We tried to set you on Santa's lap when we were in downtown McKinney for Dickens of a Christmas, but you had just fallen and busted your face for the second time that afternoon. You screamed bloody murder and clutched onto me for dear life when I tried to set you on his lap. It was the kind of crying that made you choke and gag. Not sure if I want to try again this year!

I can't believe that your next (and final monthly post) is just one month away!

Mommy & Daddy

Unofficial Stats
Weight: 28.6 lb
34.5 inches
Clothes: 24 months & 2T

Diaper Size: 5s now (We are using your leftover 4s on Caroline already!)
Sleep: 7pm-7:30am
Nap: 12-2pm

Teeth: 16

Kate is 22 months old

Dear Kate,
You're now just two months shy of your second birthday. I don't know if I'm okay with that. I feel like turning 2 means that all of the baby is gone and full toddlerhood sets in. I was telling Daddy today that this is such a fun stage, but it can be trying, too. You test your bounds, get frustrated with communication barriers, and can be clingy to me at times.... BUT... you bring us tremendous joy with your spunky personality and your excitement to learn. These are some things you've been up to this past month:

* Jabbering. You had been talking a lot already, but over the past week or so, we've noticed an explosion in your language development. You still aren't saying many full sentences, but you're jabbering away ALL. THE. TIME. Your favorite word is still "no" (which drives me a little crazy), but you are so good at using your manners words without being asked. You have several phrases you say often like, "There he is!" (saying "he" even when it should be "she" or "it"), "What is that?" and "Hi, how are you?"

* You repeat everything we say. "Oh my goodness" and "oh gosh" are a couple of my faves.

* You do not like to be or restrained or restricted. In your highchair, car seat, and even when we're trying to hold you, you say "stuck" in a whiny voice as you try to wriggle free.

* You have always been an amazing sleeper, but I don't think I've ever mentioned how excited you are to to to bed. You ask to go "ni-ni" and start listing all of the items in your crib, especially paci and blankie. You start giggling when I tell you it's nap time. Then when I put you down, you almost always immediately fall asleep. I'm SO thankful for this!

* When I take out the camera now, you say, "CHEESE!" and press your face up right into the lens, close your eyes, and give me a fake smile. I have NEVER told you to say "cheese!" Where did you get this???

* You can actually jump now... two feet off the floor at the same time. Big accomplishment! (And you're SO proud when you do it!)

* You say, "Funny!" when you hear laughter or when you laugh and think something's funny. This is a lot. You also say "funny" when you you're being disobedient. I have to say, "No, Kate, that's not funny; that's sad." And you say, "Funny!" again. Oh boy.

* A funny bit you do is say "Stinky... EW!" You hold your nose and wave the air. Then you tell me what's stinky (like "shoe" or "trash" or "stunk" - for skunk).

* Everyone knows you're a Barney girl, but we watched Mickey Mouse a few times this week. You now know all of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters' names including Coco, the monkey. Your favorite is Goofy. You amaze me with how fast you pick up on these things! We should start reading you the encyclopedia...

* You could have a future in meteorology. You like to discuss the weather first thing every morning. You let me know if it's sunny, cloudy, windy, or raining.

* The time changed this past month. Many will find this funny, but because of your 7pm bedtime, you never really saw a dark sky until now. You are in awe when we go out and look at the moon and stars.

* When you're excited to do something, you say "all RIGHT!" I'm trying to teach you a fist pull to go with it. :)

* Not counting colds, you were sick for the first time ever this past month with a sinus infection and ear infection. It took you a few days to get back to your normal self.

* You still aren't too interested in Caroline, and you get really upset when she touches you. There are moments when I see a glimmer of hope, though, like when you try and pick her up (twice ever), when you think I'm not looking and try to stick a bottle in her mouth, and when you tackle her to keep her safe from other babies.

* You're into counting everything. You don't count correctly, but you love to spout off numbers as you "count" things. "One, two, six, nine, ten, eighteen, YAY!" I'm not sure if I've mentioned before that you know a few shapes (triangle, square, and circle), and you know all your basic colors. You are starting to know more and more of the lowercase letters, too.

* You still cry when I drop you off at MDO/church nursery, but they tell me you recover within seconds and do great the rest of the time. I can't believe you're napping so well at school, too. Last week they said you slept an hour and a half! I didn't think they'd stand a chance getting my busy girl to sleep on a nap mat with so much else going on. Glad to be proved wrong! :)

You surprise us daily with something new... something I can't believe you understood or communicated, or something that just made me die laughing. There's always something for me to tell Daddy when he gets home. You're amazing!

We love you, Sunshine!
Mama and Daddy

Unofficial Stats
Weight: 29.2 pounds
Height: 33.5 inches
Clothes: 24 months & 2T

Diaper Size: finishing your 4s, needing 5s
Sleep: 7pm-7:30am
Nap: 12-2pm
Teeth: 16

Kate is 21 months old

Dear Kate,

As you get older, these posts become less and less about your milestones and more and more about the cute things you say and do. And since you're super cute, this note to you is a bit long-winded. What can I say? I love you, kid. Here are some of the things you've been doing lately...

* You love to tickle me because I (fake) giggle hysterically. You then tickle other things (like your sippy cup) and I have to laugh for them too.

* You ask for specific Barney episodes. You know the names of all the dinosaurs on Barney and the names of the major Sesame Street characters. You've really learned a lot from these programs. And they sometimes buy me a few minutes to put dishes away or feed Caroline.

* One thing you've seen on Barney that you try and do a lot now is jump rope. It was so funny to see you come out of the bathroom with a length of pump tubing and pretend to jump rope with it. I wondered at first where on earth you could possibly have learned about jumping rope, but then I realized we must have seen it on Barney. It's neat to see what all you pick up on.

* You constantly amaze me with the smart things you do. We were driving after MDO on Tuesday over to some trees in another neighborhood so I could take your picture. We turned onto your friend, Hayley's, street and you immediately started saying, "Hay! Hay!" HOW did you know that??? Three things: 1. I never mentioned it was Hayley's street. 2. It's been several weeks since we were over there. 3. We weren't even coming from our house. I would kind of get it if you realized we had only driven a couple of blocks over, but this was after 20 minutes of driving around in the car in unfamiliar areas. I had to apologize to you because you got all excited that you were going to go see your friend.

* Gram often sits with you at the piano for brief lessons. One night in the bathtub I was singing a Barney song to you: "If I lived under the sea sea sea, I think it would be neat as it could be be be." After hearing "sea sea sea" you said, "Notes. Gram. C." I was so confused at first, but finally I figured it out. You and Gram had been finding all the C notes on the piano that day. So when I said "sea sea sea" you were thinking of the "C" notes. You retain so much!

* That reminds me that you're putting more words together now. You use two or three words together now to communicate a more complete thought. Also, you pronounce more syllables of the words you attempt. You are such a sponge right now; I tell you what a word is once, and you remember, even without daily practice. (I gave you salmon sticks several weeks ago and told you they were called "sticks." You didn't really like them then, so I waited and tried a few days ago. You said, "Sticks!" and gobbled them up.) How do you remember these things?

* You know to put "a" in front of singular nouns, but when you call me "a mama" or say, "a rain," it's really funny! You add "s" to the end of plural words, and you also add " 's " to the end of words when you mean ownership.

* The answer to everything right now is "no." If it's a yes/no question, I really shouldn't ask it. Scene: We're in the car and you see a hot air balloon in the sky. You: "Balloon! Balloon!" Me: "Kate, do you see a balloon?" You: "NO!!" End scene. I hear "no" about a bazillion times a day. Here's another example. You ask for milk. I ask, "Kate, do you want milk?" You, of course, reply, "NO!"

* You know most of your colors now, and you can still identify all your letters and numbers. You still can't say them in order yet. If I ask you "How many?" or tell you to count something, you know to start saying your numbers. Right now you mostly count "1, 2, 6, 9, 10, Hooray!" We'll work on it. :)

* You also count when you want us to hold you. We always say, "1, 2, 3" when we pick you up, so when you want to be held, you say, "1, 2, 6!" Always in a hurry to get to six. ;)

* You're finally getting your eye teeth. You've had a few days where you just haven't been your happy self, and I think those 4 teeth coming in at once are to blame.

* You ate sour kraut at Oktoberfest and loved it. Obviously you are not a picky eater.

* It's becoming very clear that you're testing your boundaries. Discipline is hard, though, because we're not sure how much you understand and what's developmentally appropriate at this age. I used Love & Logic in the classroom, and while I use some of it with you, I'm just not sure what to do when you flat out defy me. I have been praying for the Holy Spirit to give me wisdom in those moments... to know what's going to work for you as an individual and to give us consistency as we learn to discipline.

* You still love playing dress up. I can't wait for all the Halloween costumes go on sale. I want buy more accessories for your collection!

* Two important words you've added to your vocabulary: "thanks" and "sorry." You say "thanks" without prompting much of the time. You even looked your little friend in the eyes today when you said "thanks" to him for sharing his toy. It surprises me how accurately you use the word "sorry." For instance, you trip over Kirby, and you'll tell her, "Sorry!" You must hear me say that a lot.

* When we sing "If You're Happy and You Know It," you clap just twice and at the right spot like you're supposed to. And when it says, "then your face will surely show it," you get the cheesiest grin and point with both hands to your smile. You also stomp your feet and shout "hooray," but you can't do stomp to the beat yet, and by the third verse (the "hooray" verse), you've just lost interest.

* You are one busy little firecracker. You usually only attend to things for 20 seconds at a time (at best). It makes it really hard to play tea party or do crafts. Just a moment ago you asked for your markers. I put you in the chair, you uncapped them all, and said "all done," begging to get down. Our house looks like a tornado hit it at the end of each day.

It's so fun to be your mommy, sweet girl.
Love you,
Mama (& Daddy, too)

Weight: 28.4 pounds
Height: 33.25 inches 
Clothes: 24 months & 2T

Diaper Size: 4
Sleep: 7pm-7:30am
Nap: 12-2pm
Teeth: 12 (8 front, 4 molars), plus 4 eye teeth now popping through

I waited for Daddy to get home to help me contain you to take your elephant pictures. Even with his help, it was impossible to keep you on that chair. I wish we had video of it!

Kate is 20 months old

Dear Kate,

I've been saying it since you were itty bitty, but kid, you have personality plus! You crack us up with your expressions and your bits. You're still go-go-go every waking moment and keep me busy, that's for sure. Here's what you've done this past month:

* You are a pro at fake sneezing as I posted here. You sometimes build up the "a-a-a-a-a" a long time before you finally "CHOO!" It's a crowd favorite.

* You love dressing up. Beads, bracelets, hats, Mama's shoes... You hold your head up high, looking so proud when you're all dolled up.

* When you get excited, you start spinning around in circles. (I think you learned this from Kirby.) You also do a happy dance and start saying "YAY!" and clapping.

* You're becoming more loving toward Caroline. You sometimes give her hugs and kisses and tell her "hi!" without me telling you to.

* We go through a lot of diapers around here. You've learned how to pinch your nose and say, "Ewww! Stinky!"

* "Okay" is one of your new favorite words. You use it for "yes" and you also use it when you fall or bonk your head, since I always ask, "Are you okay?" You'll sometimes use it along with your next favorite words of the month, "all done." This is not just reserved for meal times. If you need help getting down from something, you've started saying "all done" instead of "help." If you want me to stop doing something (like brushing your teeth), you say "all done."

* You try to say everything, but sometimes we don't understand you. You sometimes get very frustrated and cry when we don't know what you're asking for. It makes me so sad!

* You're making words plural when appropriate and putting "a" in front of singular nouns. (Today you saw a ball outside, and you kept saying "A ball! A ball!")

* You already knew how to give high-fives, but you started calling them "four." Too funny.

* Speaking of counting, you counted to six the other day. I haven't caught you focused enough to do it again, but you did it!

* You love to read to yourself or us. You turn the pages of your books and say what's on that page. I was so surprised the other day when you started saying the end rhyme on the pages of one of your bed time books as you read it to yourself. It goes, "I love you like frogs love flies. / I love you like pigs love pies." etc. You turned the pages and said, "Flies!" You turned the next page and said, "Pies!" And you knew almost the whole book. I think that's pretty incredible.

* You've been doing a lot of marching. Barney taught you how to "motch."

* And the big highlight of the month: You now understand if/then. The other day I was trying to get you to finish your dinner, and you kept begging to go outside. I said, "If you eat your turkey, you can go outside." You shoveled that turkey in your mouth as fast as you could. It mostly happens during mealtimes... "Eat your carrots, and you can have a cracker." Works like a charm.

I can't believe our girl is getting close to TWO! I can't wait to see what changes the next month will bring.
We love you, Kate!
Mama and Dada

Weight: forgot to do today
Height:  forgot
Clothes: all your same 18 months summer clothes, some 24 months things, some 2T things
Diaper Size: 4
Sleep: 7pm-7:30am
Nap: 12-2pm
Teeth: 12 (8 front, 4 molars) - STILL no eye teeth

So much for elephant pictures...

Kate is 19 months old

Dear Kate,
With each month, you just get more and more fun! Right now, we're enjoying a lazy Saturday morning with you. You're stirring in your toy pot with the plastic vegetables, and you're giving tastes to Daddy and me with the spoon. We pretend slurp and tell you how yummy your cooking is! Now you're on to your books. You've picked out the Peek-a-Baby book, and you're saying "mmmmmm" and giving a kiss to each baby as you turn the pages. This is such a fun age.

Here's what you've been up to over the last month:

* You're talking up a storm, but still only one word at a time (no combos or phrases). You try to repeat everything we say, and we can understand you most of the time. Just this week you've started saying a very basic word: "no." I don't know how we lasted this long without you saying it! You are certainly asserting yourself more now that you know it. It'll be time to change your diaper, and you run away from me saying "no no no" in your sweet toddler voice. It's funny, you really don't say "no" in a forceful way ever - it's always a sad or panicked tone. I guess that's the best way to describe it. Maybe I'll catch it on video one of these days. And instead of saying "yes," you laugh. At meal times I'll be asking you what you want to eat next, going through a list of things I could give you, and you'll just laugh when I get to the one you want. Also, you'll laugh when you're pleased in general, like when we understand you. Just now you were in the kitchen saying "mmmmmm." I asked, "Kate, do you want your milk?" and you just giggled. Love it.

* You still have an obsession with trucks. Every time you hear one or see one, your eyes open SO big and you try to say, "vroom vroom," which really sounds more like, "foo voo." We read your truck book before bed every night. You always skip to the garbage truck page. You love the garbage truck.

* Your baby dolls have been getting a lot of attention lately. You feed them, burp them, put them in Caroline's baby swing, and even try to put pacis in their mouths. You have definitely been watching your mama!

* Favorite shows: "Dogs" (Air Buddies movie), "Bar" (Barney), and "Mo" (Sesame Street). The heat has been extreme this past month, and we are cooped up in the house a lot. We have the TV on more than we should, I know. I need to mention that there's a scene at the end of Air Buddies where the dogs are all howling to each other. You love to howl, too!

* Favorite songs: "Little Red Caboose," "If You're Happy and You Know It," and as of yesterday, "If All of the Raindrops." You know how to participate with these, and your timing is pretty good. You say "choo choo," clap/stomp,  and "A-A-A-A-A" with your mouth open wide. I can't wait for you to actually learn to sing. Won't that be fun!

* You know all your letters now (but not in order). You don't say a few of them, but you can identify them when we ask you which one is "W" or "G" or "J." I'm sure people think we drill you on these all the time. We really don't! You just love your letters, and you're always pointing to them and asking about them. You often will say the sounds they make, too. You can also pick up a letter from your puzzle and say a word you know that starts with that letter.

* You're learning your numbers, too, although not in order yet. You get really confused about nine since it looks just like six except upside down. You're pretty good at identifying colors when you have your crayons out. For instance, if we ask which one is yellow, you'll usually pick up the right one. But if we ask you what color anything is, you almost always say "blue." As for shapes, you know stars and hearts, but I think that's it.

* You give kisses and hugs all the time now. In Barney's "I Love You" song ("with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you"), you always hug yourself! You like to hug and kiss Caroline, but we have to be very careful because you basically crawl on top of her.

* You beg for fries all the time, and even if we just pass a Chick-fil-A in the car, you point and say, "fries!!" If we're at home and I ask you what you want to eat, you say "fries." Guess I shouldn't ask. You're still a great eater most of the time. You even like beets and you'll ask for them. Crazy! The last couple of days you've been all about the cheeze (the fake stuff). You'll stuff several pieces in your mouth and while it's still full, you'll ask for more. It cracks me up because your "Rice Vegan" cheeze is really disgusting (if you know what real cheese is supposed to taste like).

* Gram sometimes calls you "D.Q.," short for "Drama Queen." You have mastered the fake cry, and you're very expressive.

* You have become more aware of Caroline and want to know where she is all the time. You try to share your toys with her, and you get frustrated when she doesn't take them from you. You also try to put her paci in her mouth, but you really push it hard against her mouth, trying to get her to take it. Good thing she's so easy going!

* You can say your name! At the beginning of the month it was "Tay," and now it usually sounds like "Kay." Every once in a while it sounds like "Cat." You point to yourself in the mirror and in pictures and say "KAY!" You can read your name, too. A friend gave you a personalized brag book with your name on it. I asked you what it said, and you said your name! Smart girl.

You're a little whirlwind and oh so precious to your mama and daddy.
We love you.

Weight: 27.6 lb (unofficial)
Height:  33" (unofficial)
Clothes: 18-24 months, some 2T
Diaper Size: 4
Sleep: 7pm-7:30am
Nap: 12-2pm
Teeth: 12 (8 front, 4 molars)

Kate is 18 months old

Dear Kate,
Happy half-birthday! You are 18 months old today - such a big girl! You grow more capable and more communicative each day, and as always, you are so much fun! Here's what you've been up to over the past month:

* You say a ton of words now. I was keeping a list of words you mastered in past posts, but you're adding so many words to your vocabulary now that it's kind of pointless to keep up with that. You repeat (or try to repeat) anything we ask you to say. You still don't string any words together.

* When you want something, you scream. Loudly. We ask, "What do you say, Kate?" You stop screaming to softly and sweetly say, "peace (please)?" Then we have to figure out what it is you want. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not.

* Apparently no one told you about the "cars and trucks are for boys" gender stereotype. You love trucks! We have a truck board book that you want us to read before bed about a gazillion times, and every time you hear a truck drive past our house, you point to the door and fervently ask, "'iss?" (asking to go out to see the truck).

* You really love to color at your table upstairs. It's one thing you'll actually sit still for.

* As I've posted before, you now know most of your letters. There are about 5 or so that you still get mixed up on or won't attempt at all. (W is just too hard to say!) You know many of the letters' sounds, too. Yesterday when you were taking your bath (with your foam letters floating all around you), I asked what letter started the word "soap." You pulled the S out of the water and smacked it to the side of the tub. Amazing! You love the show on PBS called "Super Why" because there are letters on the screen pretty much the whole show. It's a good one to put on when Caroline needs her bottle.

* When Caroline has to eat is the hardest time of your day. You couldn't care less most of the time about sitting in my lap or being snuggly, but the second I hold Caroline for her bottle, you make a beeline for me! You're trying to reclaim your turf, I guess. You get pretty fussy and tend to throw tantrums the most during Caroline's waking hours.

* You say "baby" a lot! Anytime you hear Caroline make a peep, you say "baby." It's helpful because sometimes you hear her before I do! You play with your baby dolls a whole lot more now. It's so cute to see you hug your doll. Yesterday you patted her back like you were burping her, and today you even pretended to feed her with a bottle for a second. You're still not interested much in Caroline, though. You have no desire to love on her the way you do your doll. Someday we'll get there! :)

* Good news: Your hair is growing. Bad news: You have a mullet. Business in the front, party in the back. And what a party it is! You have the sweetest curls. I have to re-wet it in the mornings to get the curls back, so I chase you around the house with a spray bottle, squirting you. You LOVE this!

* You're sort of a finicky eater. You love something one day and turn your nose up at it the next. You'll eat a ton one week, and the next week you'll scream at every meal. I think it probably has to do with teething. You love your fruits and veggies, and you scarf down bread, too. You do really well using a fork now. And if we go out to a restaurant or through a drive through, you always get French fries. You love French fries. I'm not sure, but I think you were pointing to Chick-fil-A as we were about to pull in there yesterday. I think you might know that that's where we go for fries (and Mommy's lemonade).

I look forward to each day knowing I'll spend it with you!

We love you so much, Kate Burnett!
Mama and Daddy

Stats ("official" this month)
Weight: 25 pounds, 10 ounces (75th%)
Height: 33 inches (90th%)
Head: 18.4 inches (75th%)
Clothes: 18-24 months, some 2T
Diaper Size: 4
Sleep: 7pm-7:30am
Nap: 12-2pm
Teeth: 12 (8 front, 4 molars)

Kirby kisses 
into everything

You love your crib, and you almost always go down easily for nap and bed time.

coloring with Daddy


into everything (part II)

monthly elephant pose
giving hugs and saying, "awwwww"