Kate is 20 months old

Dear Kate,

I've been saying it since you were itty bitty, but kid, you have personality plus! You crack us up with your expressions and your bits. You're still go-go-go every waking moment and keep me busy, that's for sure. Here's what you've done this past month:

* You are a pro at fake sneezing as I posted here. You sometimes build up the "a-a-a-a-a" a long time before you finally "CHOO!" It's a crowd favorite.

* You love dressing up. Beads, bracelets, hats, Mama's shoes... You hold your head up high, looking so proud when you're all dolled up.

* When you get excited, you start spinning around in circles. (I think you learned this from Kirby.) You also do a happy dance and start saying "YAY!" and clapping.

* You're becoming more loving toward Caroline. You sometimes give her hugs and kisses and tell her "hi!" without me telling you to.

* We go through a lot of diapers around here. You've learned how to pinch your nose and say, "Ewww! Stinky!"

* "Okay" is one of your new favorite words. You use it for "yes" and you also use it when you fall or bonk your head, since I always ask, "Are you okay?" You'll sometimes use it along with your next favorite words of the month, "all done." This is not just reserved for meal times. If you need help getting down from something, you've started saying "all done" instead of "help." If you want me to stop doing something (like brushing your teeth), you say "all done."

* You try to say everything, but sometimes we don't understand you. You sometimes get very frustrated and cry when we don't know what you're asking for. It makes me so sad!

* You're making words plural when appropriate and putting "a" in front of singular nouns. (Today you saw a ball outside, and you kept saying "A ball! A ball!")

* You already knew how to give high-fives, but you started calling them "four." Too funny.

* Speaking of counting, you counted to six the other day. I haven't caught you focused enough to do it again, but you did it!

* You love to read to yourself or us. You turn the pages of your books and say what's on that page. I was so surprised the other day when you started saying the end rhyme on the pages of one of your bed time books as you read it to yourself. It goes, "I love you like frogs love flies. / I love you like pigs love pies." etc. You turned the pages and said, "Flies!" You turned the next page and said, "Pies!" And you knew almost the whole book. I think that's pretty incredible.

* You've been doing a lot of marching. Barney taught you how to "motch."

* And the big highlight of the month: You now understand if/then. The other day I was trying to get you to finish your dinner, and you kept begging to go outside. I said, "If you eat your turkey, you can go outside." You shoveled that turkey in your mouth as fast as you could. It mostly happens during mealtimes... "Eat your carrots, and you can have a cracker." Works like a charm.

I can't believe our girl is getting close to TWO! I can't wait to see what changes the next month will bring.
We love you, Kate!
Mama and Dada

Weight: forgot to do today
Height:  forgot
Clothes: all your same 18 months summer clothes, some 24 months things, some 2T things
Diaper Size: 4
Sleep: 7pm-7:30am
Nap: 12-2pm
Teeth: 12 (8 front, 4 molars) - STILL no eye teeth

So much for elephant pictures...