Kate is 2 years old

Dear Kate,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, precious one! You are TWO years old today. In the car a few days ago I told you it would soon be your birthday and you asked, "Presents?" How did you know that?? Yes, there will be some presents for you, but I just want you to know what a gift you are to us!

You've been doing and saying some pretty darn cute things lately, and I need to list them out for you...

* We read together every night before bed, and Gingerbread Baby (by Jan Brett) was a December favorite. While we read one night, I decided to stop mid-sentence to see if you could supply the correct word. You could. I stopped again and again, and you knew the missing words. Incredible!

* You are starting to sing!! I've been waiting forever for you to try! You learned the tune of "The Blue Danube" waltz from Little Einsteins (your new favorite show, by the way), and you get it stuck in your head a lot! You pound out its rhythm on your drum and even sing it in-tune sometimes. Just yesterday you started singing "B-I-N-G-O" for Gram. You only sing the letters part and clap like crazy, but it's a start!

* Sometimes when you laugh (or start to pretend cry), you cover your mouth. (See pics below!)

* You've been your happy self again lately. I wonder if it has something to do with your language development. You're not frustrated with that barrier all the time. And while you're still in a mommy-phase, you haven't been so clingy lately.

* You're repeating everything we say now. I love it when I pray with you, and you repeat me.

* Your new favorite TV show is Little Einsteins. While you're not completely over Barney, we have had a nice break from him! We were in the car with Gram the other day, and I asked you, "Which kid plays the instruments?" You said, "Quincy!" Gram then asked, "What instruments does he play?" I thought you probably wouldn't understand the question, but you replied, "Horn, trumpet, drum, violin." I shouldn't underestimate you!

* You still hate to "perform." When I ask you to sing or dance or do some other cute Kate-thing, I get rejected. You shut down when I start trying to video you doing something cute. I'm going to have to hide the video camera so that we can document your fun personality!

* The other day I asked you, "Kate, what swallowed Jonah?" You said, "Jesus!" We'll work on it. :)

* We went to the allergist a couple of days ago. No answers yet. We have to do a blood draw on Monday followed by a skin test and "food challenge" appointment in a couple of weeks. I really hope it comes back negative. I want you to be able to have normal food!

* "DRUUUUUMstick, where ARRRRE you?" is your favorite phrase (except insert whatever item you want). You started this when we were at Nana and Pops' house for Christmas and we lost the Joseph piece to the nativity. You hunted high and low and with a sing-songy voice called out to him, "JOOOOseph, where ARRRRE you?" Now it's your phrase for any toy or misplaced item. I hear it a bajillion times a day, but it never gets old. It's so cute to hear you say it in your sweet toddler voice.

This is the last of your "monthly" posts and elephant pictures. I plan on just sharing the cute things as they happen now, and I'll give another formal update when you're 2 1/2!

Kate, you are a blessing to us and those around you. You are a remarkable TWO year old!

Mommy and Daddy

Official Stats
Weight: 29 lb, 3 oz (75th%)
34.8 inches (75-90th%)
Head: 18.8 inches (75th%)
Clothes: 2T (and some 3T pants)

Diaper Size: 5
Sleep: 7pm-7:30am
Nap: 12-2pm

Teeth: 16