Kate is 22 months old

Dear Kate,
You're now just two months shy of your second birthday. I don't know if I'm okay with that. I feel like turning 2 means that all of the baby is gone and full toddlerhood sets in. I was telling Daddy today that this is such a fun stage, but it can be trying, too. You test your bounds, get frustrated with communication barriers, and can be clingy to me at times.... BUT... you bring us tremendous joy with your spunky personality and your excitement to learn. These are some things you've been up to this past month:

* Jabbering. You had been talking a lot already, but over the past week or so, we've noticed an explosion in your language development. You still aren't saying many full sentences, but you're jabbering away ALL. THE. TIME. Your favorite word is still "no" (which drives me a little crazy), but you are so good at using your manners words without being asked. You have several phrases you say often like, "There he is!" (saying "he" even when it should be "she" or "it"), "What is that?" and "Hi, how are you?"

* You repeat everything we say. "Oh my goodness" and "oh gosh" are a couple of my faves.

* You do not like to be or restrained or restricted. In your highchair, car seat, and even when we're trying to hold you, you say "stuck" in a whiny voice as you try to wriggle free.

* You have always been an amazing sleeper, but I don't think I've ever mentioned how excited you are to to to bed. You ask to go "ni-ni" and start listing all of the items in your crib, especially paci and blankie. You start giggling when I tell you it's nap time. Then when I put you down, you almost always immediately fall asleep. I'm SO thankful for this!

* When I take out the camera now, you say, "CHEESE!" and press your face up right into the lens, close your eyes, and give me a fake smile. I have NEVER told you to say "cheese!" Where did you get this???

* You can actually jump now... two feet off the floor at the same time. Big accomplishment! (And you're SO proud when you do it!)

* You say, "Funny!" when you hear laughter or when you laugh and think something's funny. This is a lot. You also say "funny" when you you're being disobedient. I have to say, "No, Kate, that's not funny; that's sad." And you say, "Funny!" again. Oh boy.

* A funny bit you do is say "Stinky... EW!" You hold your nose and wave the air. Then you tell me what's stinky (like "shoe" or "trash" or "stunk" - for skunk).

* Everyone knows you're a Barney girl, but we watched Mickey Mouse a few times this week. You now know all of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters' names including Coco, the monkey. Your favorite is Goofy. You amaze me with how fast you pick up on these things! We should start reading you the encyclopedia...

* You could have a future in meteorology. You like to discuss the weather first thing every morning. You let me know if it's sunny, cloudy, windy, or raining.

* The time changed this past month. Many will find this funny, but because of your 7pm bedtime, you never really saw a dark sky until now. You are in awe when we go out and look at the moon and stars.

* When you're excited to do something, you say "all RIGHT!" I'm trying to teach you a fist pull to go with it. :)

* Not counting colds, you were sick for the first time ever this past month with a sinus infection and ear infection. It took you a few days to get back to your normal self.

* You still aren't too interested in Caroline, and you get really upset when she touches you. There are moments when I see a glimmer of hope, though, like when you try and pick her up (twice ever), when you think I'm not looking and try to stick a bottle in her mouth, and when you tackle her to keep her safe from other babies.

* You're into counting everything. You don't count correctly, but you love to spout off numbers as you "count" things. "One, two, six, nine, ten, eighteen, YAY!" I'm not sure if I've mentioned before that you know a few shapes (triangle, square, and circle), and you know all your basic colors. You are starting to know more and more of the lowercase letters, too.

* You still cry when I drop you off at MDO/church nursery, but they tell me you recover within seconds and do great the rest of the time. I can't believe you're napping so well at school, too. Last week they said you slept an hour and a half! I didn't think they'd stand a chance getting my busy girl to sleep on a nap mat with so much else going on. Glad to be proved wrong! :)

You surprise us daily with something new... something I can't believe you understood or communicated, or something that just made me die laughing. There's always something for me to tell Daddy when he gets home. You're amazing!

We love you, Sunshine!
Mama and Daddy

Unofficial Stats
Weight: 29.2 pounds
Height: 33.5 inches
Clothes: 24 months & 2T

Diaper Size: finishing your 4s, needing 5s
Sleep: 7pm-7:30am
Nap: 12-2pm
Teeth: 16