365/365: self-portrait

I used my remote today to get IN the picture. Should do this more often.
In a few minutes, Nick and I are going to bust out our cheap-o champagne and toast to a job well DONE on this amazing photo journey.

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A couple more to share...

364/365: running around

{running around}
We had a busy day. We put away all the Christmas decorations, cleaned out the under-the-stairs closet, made a mall run, and Nick and I went out on a date. Not much time for picking up the camera, so my phone had to do.
We were on our way back to the car from our mall errands, and Nick (wise daddy that he is) knew that Kate needed a little running around time instead of just putting her straight from the stroller to the car seat. We just had a small patch of grass, but that was all she needed to burn off a little steam!

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361/365: meeting lucy

{meeting lucy}
Joey and Beth were the best man and matron of honor in our wedding. Needless to say we were super excited to get to spend time with their sweet family while we've been in Austin. We finally got to meet baby Lucy, who is just a couple days younger than Caroline. Isn't she a doll? We spent some time together this afternoon getting some updated shots of them as a family of FIVE now!