from July 22-29

This summer Nick's parents took the four of us up to Minnesota to visit the fam. All of Nick's grandparents live there as well as aunts, uncles, and cousins galore! Our last trip was 2 summers ago when Kate was 6 months old. We missed out on the trip last summer since Caroline was a newborn, so everyone was thrilled to meet her this year! 

This is major picture overload, so just scroll fast. ;) And after all that scrolling, there are some more miscellaneous pics in a Flickr slideshow. (I got tired of putting them all into storyboards!)

At the Carlson farm... playing with "new" toys, exploring, picking raspberries.

At Uncle Joe & Aunt Sandra's... making friends with Monarch & Extreme.


Kate looking through pictures of Daddy...


Shucking corn and playing out front...


And playing in the corn fields...


More Monarch & Extreme. (Every horse is now compared to these two.)


These were taken at Aunt Lai & Uncle Chris's house (other side of the family) later in the week... Kate playing croquet and Caroline just being super cute.


And here are the rest...