conked out

After a tiring morning at the allergist yesterday, Caroline conked out in the car on the way home. Skin testing, a flu shot, and no morning nap wore her out.
Her skin testing showed that she has outgrown her egg allergy! She's still not supposed to eat egg for a while, but we are glad she doesn't have to have an Epi-pen!

Doesn't she have great eyelashes? So thick and dark and long...

here we go again...

Last Sunday we had scrambled eggs for lunch. (I really needed to get to the grocery store!)

We gave Caroline some eggs, too. Always amused by her shoveling fistfuls of food into her mouth and making a huge mess, I, of course, picked up the camera to document. I laughed as she rubbed the egg all over her.



I got Kate down for her nap. When I came back down, Nick was starting to get Caroline out of her high chair. I got an urgent call over...

Yup. Those are hives.
*These are not supposed to be "pretty" pictures. I underexposed them to be sure we could see the bumps!*


I didn't freak out like I (kinda) did with Kate when she was 5 months. I knew just what to do this time...old pro! I had to guess on the amount of Benadryl, but it did the trick. It didn't take long before the hives started to disappear. Poor baby, though. She had it all around her eye, and you could tell it was itching like crazy.

We cleared out the sink to give her a quick bath to get all of the egg completely off of her skin.


While I started on my to-do list, Nick kept an eye on her for a little while longer before putting her down for her nap. Her breathing seemed fine, thankfully!

We're thankful it didn't seem very severe, and I'm very thankful that Nick was home at the time. It doesn't seem like she'll need an Epipen; for now we'll just stay away from egg and keep the Benadryl stocked!


friday phone dump 1.27.12

I know I'm posting this a day late, but I'm going to date it for yesterday anyways.

feeding herself puffs | dandelion macro (w/ magnet lens Keaton got me) | slide
watching for horses, cows, and camels on our drive to school | window light | asleep | allergy skin test - not so good
cuddling after skin test | staying entertained for 4.5 hours at the allergist with stickers, | books, | watching movies,
and eating fake ice cream cones (ironic!) | hint of a rainbow | first PB&J - turned out it didn't sit so well on the tummy :( | new t-ball set

Okay... this one's just so cool, I need to show it bigger...

iPhone | Instagram


{lens baby's one year anniversary}
Our Lens Baby group is one year old today, so we met up at Jennifer & Hayley's house for an ice cream party. This group has meant so much to me; not only was the catalyst for me to switch the dial from "auto" to "manual," but Kate and I have made great friends, too.

This is Kate's first bowl of (fake) ice cream. I bought her the SO Delicious coconut milk brand (like her yogurt) and put Oreo crumbs on top. She LOVED it. It surprised me how long she sat in this one spot, shoveling it in.