Sunflowers (again)

On Monday the girls and I were on our way home from Costco, and I noticed that it was pretty cloudy out. So what do I immediately think to do? Go back to the sunflowers for another photo op attempt. 

We got home, and I took the cold groceries inside, grabbed my camera and a different shirt for Kate, and jumped back in the car to drive over to Celina. I forgot to grab a bow for her, though, so her hair is kinda crazy in these!

Caroline was super tired, so she just napped in the car (running with the A/C on!) while Kate played in the flowers. This was probably the last time we'll go out there for the year, though, since the heat is starting to get to the flowers. It's really tricky to photograph there anyway... the blooms are never facing the way you need them to! Ah, well. We'll try again next year.


Sunflowers 2012

Remember "Bluebonnet Bust" from the spring? Well, this was "Sunflower Bust."

The very best time to take pictures is right before sunset. Unfortunately, the sun doesn't set until like 9pm, and our girls are in bed by 7. And they're in bed because they're tired. It's not like we can just keep them up to go get some pictures... no one would be happy!

So, I thought to opt for the next best thing. Sunrise. (I'm shaking my head and laughing as I type!)

My sweet husband quickly agreed to my plan (I think he loves me!), so we woke up dark and early Monday morning! We woke up the girls (yes, I know I'm crazy), got them dressed, and headed out.

We left the house right at sunrise. It was the perfect light right then, but the sunflower fields are a 15 minute drive. I was so frustrated, y'all. That was the last thing I wanted to happen... get us all up before the crack of dawn only to wish we'd gotten out there 10 minutes sooner. I watched in the side mirror as my perfect light passed.

The sun rose quickly, and the light was very orange. I noticed right away that the coral colored dresses I'd put the girls in were a bad idea... they looked orange from head to toe!

Anyways... I'll go ahead and share a few with the sunflowers, but it's under protest, okay?? Thank goodness I decided to turn around for better light, even if it meant no sunflowers in the shot. The girls had so much fun playing with the rocks on the dirt road. Those I really like. :)

I know I was crazy to do this. But what's even crazier is that I'd really like to get out and try again before these gorgeous flowers fry up in the heat!

And here are the rest...

And because I couldn't decide between the black & white and color...