Sunflowers (again)

On Monday the girls and I were on our way home from Costco, and I noticed that it was pretty cloudy out. So what do I immediately think to do? Go back to the sunflowers for another photo op attempt. 

We got home, and I took the cold groceries inside, grabbed my camera and a different shirt for Kate, and jumped back in the car to drive over to Celina. I forgot to grab a bow for her, though, so her hair is kinda crazy in these!

Caroline was super tired, so she just napped in the car (running with the A/C on!) while Kate played in the flowers. This was probably the last time we'll go out there for the year, though, since the heat is starting to get to the flowers. It's really tricky to photograph there anyway... the blooms are never facing the way you need them to! Ah, well. We'll try again next year.