Lens Baby: Cake Smash

(from May 14, 2012)

Caroline and a couple of her Lens Baby pals modeled for our group to have a "cake smash" shoot. It was really challenging for me to keep her contained and shoot. I had icing all over my camera!

These first ones of her with the strawberries were inspired by the top image here on this blog. With her first birthday party being a strawberry theme, I was dying to try this!

And some balloon shots...

And finally a few cake ones. I was really disappointed in these, but I can't begin to tell you how difficult it was to wrangle her and shoot. Also consider there were several other moms around me taking pictures, so I couldn't exactly move into any position I wanted! But this girl got INTO this cake. I mean, she pretty much dove in, and she even had it all in her hair by the end.

Birthday party pics up next. I'm on a roll!