Caroline is 18 months old

Dear Caroline,

How can you possibly be a year and a half already?? Although I hate to admit it, you're losing more of the "baby" about you, replacing it instead with a heavy dose of "active toddler." Your lively personality is shining through, and we have so much fun just enjoying you!

* You love to play dress-up with your big sister. You disappear into the toy closet and come out donned in backpack, tiara, and bracelets. You usually bring me your red cowgirl boots and a tutu for help getting those on, too. 

* You're becoming Kate's little copycat. You're watching and emulating everything she does - the way she plays, tantrums, nose picking, even expressions. The other day Kate was being dramatic and she laid her head down on the sofa. You walked up right next to her and laid yours down, too. It's hard not to laugh!

* You're not so much of a talker as Kate was at this age, but you have several words in your vocabulary, and I think we've hit that mark where you're starting to add a whole bunch at once. Of course you call me "Mama," but you also call Daddy and Kate "Mama," too.  Anyone you love is "Mama." We're working on that one! I haven't been good about keeping a list of the words you know (second child), but it's still just the basics pretty much.

* Your lack of vocabulary doesn't keep you from belting out some tunes. It amazes us how you can "sing" along with our favorites even though you don't say the words. Somehow you babble along, and we can tell that you totally know the songs. The VeggieTales theme song is one of your favorites. 

* You're really good at entertaining yourself. It's fun to watch you "collect" small toys in a basket or bag and watch you try and tote as much as you can around the house. You like to pull them all out and line them up on tables or window sills. Another fun new activity for you is coloring. You love to climb up on the chair at the dining room table where we keep your colors and coloring books spread out for you. And while I say you like to color, what you really like to do is dump out the crayons and put them back into the containers. You love to make messes, and anything that's in a big basket or put away neatly is just begging to get destroyed. It's so much fun to throw things around!

Happy half-birthday to you, sweet Caroline!
Mama and Daddy

Official Stats:
weight: 25 lb, 3 oz (80%)
length:  31.3 in (33%)
head: 18in (35%)
clothes: still mostly 18 month size
diaper size: size 4
sleep: 7pm-7am
naps: 8:30am-10, 1pm-3 (On days when we can let you, you'll still take 2 naps a day! Incredible!)
teeth: 16, I think??

{pics taken Nov. 15}

a caroline mini-update

Here's a mini update on Caroline @13.5 months...
* walks full-time (as of June 22)
* says "go" very clearly; she loves to do races w/ Kate
* also says "hi," "ni-ni," and attempts others
* when we sing Sweet Caroline, she does the "bum bum bum" part
* loves to "sing" whenever music is playing
* still takes two naps a day
* acts so proud carrying baskets/bags of "treasures" around the house
* blows zurbits on my arm when I hold her
* is developing quite a cute little personality!

Caroline is 12 months old

This will be the last of the monthly 'caroline and monkey in the chair' pictures. You're just too much of a monkey yourself to get any decent shots!

Dear Caroline,
One year old. I spent last night watching videos of you from the hospital. It feels like that was forever ago, yet also just the blink of an eye. With you, I've felt time speeding by more quickly (we've been busy with two), and all my attempts to slow it down and soak up your baby-ness haven't felt like enough. How did you get so big so fast? Here's what you've been doing this month:

* You learned how to give kisses, and you'll sometimes kiss on command. Your little open-mouthed, slobber kisses are so precious to me!

* For the last few weeks we've only been giving you 2 bottles a day, and this past week we cut them out entirely. Hallelujah! You have never liked your bottles, and every feeding was a battle. Now comes the game of "How do we get enough milk down you?" I think we're just going to give you soy milk since Kate still can't do the cow's milk. We can't risk her getting the wrong cup.

* You're an amazing eater. Champion eater, really. You eat anything and everything, and you scarf it down in record time. You're a good chewer, too. That may sound silly, but it's something I noticed since Kate used to just swallow all of her food whole. Your favorite foods are avocado, cheese, and strawberries. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that you've turned down. You're still adamant that you feed yourself, though. We cannot spoon feed you anything or you'll throw a fit.

* You're still a crawler. I would not have believed it if I'd been told 3 months ago that you'd still be crawling at your first birthday. You were pulling up and cruising everywhere at 8 months. But that's still what you're doing... and content to do so! You take 2-3 steps by yourself a few times a day, but you're in no hurry to walk. And I know I shouldn't want you to walk, but I think I'll be glad when you can. When you're on the ground all the time, every little thing goes in your mouth. It's hard when we're outside - you're crawling on rough pavement and eating leaves and mulch and who knows what. Lovely.

* Your words are hi, mama, dada, bye bye, ni-ni, and you love to shake your head 'no.' Of course these words aren't very clear, but they're definite attempts!

* Your favorite toys are the play kitchen and food, necklaces (you're very proficient in putting them on yourself), and basically anything that Kate has at any given moment. She's gotten SO much better about sharing with you and taking turns this past month instead of yelling at you. You also like to play with the bin of plastic containers I keep in the kitchen, taking the lids off and on.

* You are going through your "stranger danger" phase, and other than Mommy and Daddy, there are very few folks you'll go to without crying. Nursery at church hasn't been going so great, and it doesn't help that that's your usual nap time.

* Whatever Kate does, you do. Kate bangs her fork on the table, you bang on the table. Kate climbs up in my lap, you climb up in my lap. Monkey see, monkey do! You sure adore your sister.

Your first birthday party was a strawberry theme, and along with over 20 family members, we celebrated the first wonderful year of our sweet Caroline's life. We are SO thankful for you and your easy-going personality. What a precious gift God blessed us with one year ago!

We love you,
Mama and Daddy (& Kate, too!)

Official Stats:
weight: 22 lb, 13 oz (slowing down!!)
length: 30  1/4 inches
clothes: some 12-18 months, 18-24 months
diaper size: size 4
sleep: 7pm-7am
naps: 8:30am-10, 12pm-2
teeth: 8
feedings: Most of the month you had 2 bottles per day (morning/bedtime), but we're done now! You eat 3 meals a day and snacks in between.


Caroline is 11 months old

I have no idea how I got this shot. You just kept trying to dive over the front of the chair the whole time.
Just another note... Kate's 11 month sticker for your shirt wasn't salvageable. Oh well!

Dear Caroline,

How is it possible that you're just one month away from your first birthday? You're growing and changing so fast and showing us daily that you understand so much of what's going on around you. Here's what you've been up to in April...

- You watch what Kate's doing and do the same. The other day Kate was making a game of running to me, and I'd toss her in the air. You figured it out and started crawling to me at hyper-speed for your turn, laughing all the while. You also have learned how to put necklaces on, just like big sister does. You're already playing dress-up!

- You have started throwing fits from time to time when things don't go your way or we have to take something from you.

- I'm surprised you're not walking yet. You cruise on everything and spend a lot of time on your feet, but you haven't tried any steps yet. Your crawling speed can be pretty incredible, though; we take our eyes off you for a second, and you're gone! We definitely think you have the ability to walk if you wanted to, but you're just so intent on getting places fast that you don't care to try yet.

- You say "Mama!" And you're doing a lot more babbling in general than you were. I think you attempt "hi" and "bye bye" and "yay" as well. There have been a couple of times when you've copied the intonation of words I say.

- You like to play with whatever Kate has at that moment. It drives her insane.

- Meal times are a breeze with you, for the most part. You're great at using a sippy cup, and you're even better at throwing it. You LOVE to feed yourself pretty much anything. You eat a lot of deli turkey, cheese, avocado (your favorite!), crackers, fruit, or whatever we're having. I made a Mexican dish the other night that had some spice to it, and you gobbled it down without hesitation. You DO NOT like being spoon fed at all anymore. If we want to try and spoon something to you, we have to give you something really interesting to play with while we sneak it in. Typically, if you see us pull out a puree from the pantry, you start throwing a hissy in your highchair. You want to do it yourself!! I did discover that you'll take the squeezy puree packets most of the time, so those are nice to have on hand.

- Kate's favorite show is Little Einsteins and you participate with the show, too. To get the rocket flying, they pat their legs, so you do too! And when it says, "Raise your arms and say 'blast off!'" your little arms go up too! Another Little Einsteins junkie in the making!

- There's no snuggling with you. You're just a little monkey intent on getting out of whatever grip or hold we may have on you. We really need to try and video this. It makes me sad, though, as I just want to rock you and hold you, but you won't have any of that!

- The rest of those 6 teeth that were all popping through at the same time finally came all the way in at the beginning of the month, so you've been happier than you were there for a while. Those top teeth really changed your smile, and you look so different!

- You have an obsession with the TV remote control. It's so funny to see the lengths you'll go to to try and get your hands on it. We've given you an old one that's not functional anymore, but you know the difference, and that one doesn't cut it.

- Your favorite toys are the play kitchen and food, the dollhouse, and the doll stroller, which you use as a walker.

- You learned to give high fives, and you think it's the most hilarious thing ever. You're so proud of yourself!

We're proud of you too, sweet Caroline!
Mama and Daddy

UNofficial Stats:
weight: 23 or 24 pounds
length: 28 inches (This is also what I measured you as last month, but you look like you've gotten taller!)
clothes: 12-18 months, 18-24 months
diaper size: size 4
sleep: 7pm-7am
naps: 8:30am-10, 12pm-2
teeth: 8
feedings: 7am, 2pm (just starting to drop this), 6:30pm bottles; 3 solid food feedings plus snacks

Take a look at all those teeth!

Caroline is 10 months old

Dear Caroline,
Oh, sweet girl, you have changed SO much over the past month. I kept thinking surely I had forgotten a monthly post! You hit that nine month mark and suddenly started growing up so much. Here's what you're up to now:

* You can clap! You spent the first part of the month trying so hard to do it, and you finally uncurled your hands and can clap on command now. SO fun.

* You haven't quite been your usual happy, flexible-all-the-time self lately. It's because you have SIX teeth coming in. Three have already popped through, and the other three are so so close. You just really wanted to kick those out all at once, huh??

* Although you already were waving, you now will wave on command all the time. Also, you catch a random "hi" or "bye" in a conversation and you wave!

* You're babbling a lot, but not yet saying "mama" or "dada." You mostly like the "la la" sound because you love sticking your tongue out to do that one!

* When you're not babbling, you're blowing raspberries. You spit everywhere, and Kate loves to do it back to you. I often hear y'all in the back seat of the car spitting and giggling. Love it.

* You know how to dance! Well, not really dance, but you do a great bob up and down move! You understand when we say, "Caroline, dance!" and oblige us by showing us your moves!

* As I posted last, you are SO into your food. You are great at feeding yourself, and we now give you basically all foods. You love avocado, turkey, cheese (regular cheese is so fun to give you since Kate can only have that Vegan stuff!), bread, crackers, carrots, apples, and really anything! You definitely prefer to feed yourself rather than being spoon-fed baby food purees. You get really upset, flail all around, and end up making a huge, huge mess when we try to feed you.

* I'm resigned to the fact that you just don't like bottles. We still give you three bottles a day. The frozen breastmilk we use is stored in 8 ounce packets, though, and I feel like we waste a ton of it. If you even take 6 ounces per bottle, we claim it as a victory. There are times you'll only take 3 ounces before bed, and you're just done! (And you sleep all night anyway!)

* You are drinking out of a sippy cup, and you know how to eat a snack out of a treat trap. When I can't get you to drink much of a bottle, I can now pour the rest in a sippy cup to give it another try that way. Unless you're strapped into your car seat, it usually doesn't entice you to have any more.

* You are on the go-go-go. You crawl so fast and pull up to cruise on everything. Over the last week or so you've even started to stand unassisted for several seconds at a time. Once you even reached to get something off the ground and stood up from the ground and stood there all on your own. We know it won't be long until we're announcing you took your first steps.

* You follow Kate around all day long. You want whatever she's playing with, and you fulfill your duties as "pesky little sister" in every way possible. Kate gets very frustrated and yells "NOOOOO!" and "MIIIIINNNNE!" all day long.

* You're not a cuddler. You cannot stand to be restrained in any way! You want to be down and moving almost all the time. When I try to cuddle with you in the mornings before Kate is awake, we're rocking in your chair, and you're climbing me like a rock wall. Squirmy wormy!! Today when I was taking your monthly monkey pictures, you were trying to climb off the chair and onto the crib. I'm afraid that you might become a climber!!

* You don't like being restrained in your car seat, and I think you would be happier moving to a convertible-style seat soon. I, however, cannot give up the ease of putting your carrier into the stroller without having to unstrap you for every quick errand. You'll outgrow it soon, though, and I won't have a choice in the matter!

* When you're going for something you shouldn't have (like Kirby's food and water bowls), I'll say "No, no, Caroline," and you shake your head back and forth. You know "no no!" You keep going for whatever is off-limits, though.

* You're getting really good at peekaboo! We play a lot at your highchair. You pull the bib up over your face, and when you pull it back down to "peekaboo," I try and sneak a bite in.

* You're still napping great and sleeping great at night. We have completely dropped that afternoon cat nap, but going from waking up at 2 from nap all the way until 7 for bed is really hard for you. You are SO ready for bed time!

* We started giving you your glowing, musical sea horse to sleep with at night. You don't snuggle with it, but you smile at it when I first put you down. You love to sleep in a certain corner of your crib, snuggled up with the bumper, and booty in the air. You're adorable.

* You've got hair! Never mind that it always sticks up in the back. I just can't believe after Kate was bald for a good 18 months that you have so much hair already. I'm constantly doing the mom-spit on it to try and get it to lay flat. Ha!

I know I keep saying it, but I still see you as our little baby. Every time you show signs that you're getting to be a "big girl," I'm surprised (and a little bit in denial, too). I can't wait to see your little personality develop, but I miss that sleepy newborn who rested so peacefully in my arms...

We love you through ALL your stages.
Mama and Daddy

UNofficial Stats:
weight: 23 or 24 pounds
length: 28 inches 
clothes: 12-18 months
diaper size: size 4
sleep: 7pm-7am
naps: 8:30am-10, 12pm-2
teeth: 6 through, 3 more super close (Bottom 4 are through, top right-of-center through, top middles and left-of-center are right there about to pop through!)

Caroline is 9 months old

Dear Caroline, 

9 months in, 9 months out! You're getting to be such a big girl, and I don't know if I'm okay with that. Part of me is excited so that you can start playing with Kate, but I'm losing my little baby. We saw your pediatrician today, and she said that we needed to come back when you're one. I nearly lost it right then! My voice faltered as I told her we'd see her then.

Here's what you've been up to over the past month...

* You're pulling up on everything. You quickly crawl to things with height (the couch, LeapFrog table, toy box, play kitchen) and pop right up to them. You think you're a big girl like Kate.

* You just started cruising along the couch, and Gram reported that you stood unassisted the other day for a couple of seconds! You're going to be an early walker like your sister.

* Bottles are still a battle, but we got the blessing from the doctor today to go down to just 3 bottles a day now. Whew! One less wrestling match for the day.

* The burp cloths have not been retired yet; you still spit up.

* You are loving your solid foods! We still give you lots of purees, but we're starting to give you more food pieces too. You are doing great with all foods (no allergies!!), and you don't mind textures. You grabbed a cookie right out of my hand the other day and put it in your mouth.

* Your hair is sure growing! You already have way more hair than Kate did at a year (or even later)! It's so wispy, and there's this one little spot that always sticks straight out. While it's not as dark as it was when you were born, it's definitely not blonde. I'm eager to see what it decides to be!

* You want whatever Kate has. It's driving her crazy, and she has started yelling "NO!" at you when you even start coming towards her. We're working on sharing and taking turns.

* You're not clapping yet, but you love it when we clap your hands, and I can tell you're trying to put your hands together, too. You also love to pat your legs.

* You still suck your thumb or first finger when you're tired. I'm so glad you don't use a paci. (Remind me I said this when your teeth are crooked from the finger sucking.)

* You're babbling a little bit, but not a ton. You definitely don't have any words yet. Really, you like to squeal more than anything. It gets a great reaction from Kate who giggles every time you do it!

* We wake you up at 7 every morning for your first bottle. We don't get Kate out of her crib until 7:30, so that means a whole 30 minutes of time with just you! I love this time, and even when you're pushing away the bottle and climbing up me like a rock wall, it's still sweet cuddle time focused on you alone!

You're so special to us!

Love you,
Mama and Daddy

Official Stats:
weight: 21 pounds, 9 ounces (90th%)
length: 27.5 inches (60-75th%)
head: 17 inches (50th%)
clothes: 12 months, buying 12-18 months
diaper size: size 4
sleep: 7pm-7am
naps: 8:30am-10, 12pm-2
teeth: still just the two bottom ones
feedings: 7am, 11, 3pm, 6:30 (very inconsistent on how much you'll take per bottle)- switching today to THREE feedings per day; 3 solid food feedings

Caroline is 8 months old

*I have abandoned the foot picture header for your monthly posts. You're just way too squirmy now! I could barely get you to stay on the chair for your monkey picture. You dove over the arm and I barely caught you. I'm going to need an assistant from now on. Also, you usually wear a white onesie with the month sticker, but I couldn't find the 8! 

Dear Caroline,
You are 8 months old today, precious girl! You're supposed to be the baby, but you're getting really big, really fast. We are shocked with each new milestone you master because we still see you as our bitty baby. SLOW DOWN, okay?? Here's what you're up to...

* When we're eating, you watch every bite. It's clear you wish you had what we're having!

* You started feeding yourself puffs, and you like them A LOT.

* Although you were already on the move, you are officially crawling on all fours. You're not super speedy yet, so that's nice! You crawl straight for the fireplace screen, Kirby, Kate's toys, and computer cords. You get redirected about a million times a day.

* I couldn't believe this when it first happened, but you're already waving. I started waving to you when you were in your high chair, and you started waving right back. At first I thought it might be a fluke, but you kept doing it.

* Another shocker was when you played peekaboo with me. I was showing you how to hide your face with a blanket, and pretty soon we were taking turns peekabooing!

* You REALLY want to be standing and walking. You try to push up off the ground to a standing position. Of course it doesn't work, but you try so hard!

* You're pulling up, and your legs are getting stronger each time you do it. We had to lower your crib mattress since you can now stand in your crib. Aren't you too young for this??

* I love how when I walk you upstairs, you know you're about to take a nap, so you start sucking your thumb or finger. You are usually a great napper (as long as we keep to your schedule).

* You're always moving. Even in your highchair you're kicking a leg or flailing your arms. Like your sister, you're not turning out to be much of a cuddler; you won't be still for 2 seconds together. Too much to see and explore right now, I guess!

* We're still having bottle issues. Big time. You typically drink about 15ish ounces per day, and you're supposed to be in the 24-32 ounce range. I took you to see your doctor today just for peace of mind that you don't have ear infections or any other physical reason you're not eating. You don't. You just think you're a big girl already, and you're feeling very done with bottles. (I have to literally pin you down to try and get you to drink anything.) I have no idea how you're as big as you are. It's a huge mystery to me!

I'm leaving soon to meet Daddy in France for a European getaway. Your grandparents are going to take good care of you, I know, but I'm still sad to leave you and Kate. At the rate you're going, you'll be walking by the time I get home. You're going to change so much in a week!

Mama and Daddy

weight: 20 pounds, 12 ounces (official)
length: oops; will add later
clothes: 6-12 months
diaper size: size 4
sleep: 7pm-7am
naps: 8:30am-10, 12pm-2, and sometimes 4-5
feedings: 7am, 11, 3pm, 6:30 (very inconsistent on how much you'll take per bottle); 2-3 solid food feedings

Caroline is 7 months old

Dear Caroline,
Every time Daddy and I look at you, we wonder where our little baby went. You sit in the highchair, move all over the place, and "talk" up a storm. For some reason, as the second child we seem to think you will stay little bitty! It's always a surprise to see you acting like the older baby you are. Here are some of the ways you've changed over the month:

* You're pretty much crawling. I won't say you're an official crawler until you're on your knees, but you are fully able to get anywhere you want. You get on your knees and wiggle forward. It won't be long before you figure it all out and get the coordination down. Between the semi-crawling and the rolling everywhere, you never stay where we put you.

* Everything you touch goes straight to your mouth. Your bottom two teeth broke through many weeks ago, but I'm wondering if another one might be on its way.

* You're eating solids very well. I stopped trying to give you that yucky rice cereal and just gave you the straight puree, and that was the ticket. You only stuck your nose up at the stage one meat puree I tried to give you. I don't blame you, it looked disgusting. You quickly went through all the stage ones, and you've been eating the stage two mixtures for a few weeks. You eat at least twice a day, sometimes three times if you don't drink a bottle well. You LOVE solid foods.

* You still don't love your bottles, though. I made it six months pumping exclusively for you, and we have a LARGE stash of frozen milk for you (both freezers are full!). We're giving you formula for your first bottle of the day since we can get that ready a whole lot faster. I feel sometimes like you're making progress with the bottles, but then something sets you back, like the cold you've had for almost two weeks now. Being congested really throws off your eating.

* You have really found your voice! You shriek and gurgle all the time. You try to blow raspberries, but you can't quite do it yet. You're not making consonant sounds yet.

* I know I've said it before, but you adore your sister. You're smilier when Kate's around, and you always want to see what she's doing. You light up when she's near.

* You still hold the title for world's easiest baby. You sleep when you're supposed to, and you fuss only when you're hungry or sleepy. Full-on crying is very rare with you.

* You're very aware of your surroundings. You want to see what's going on and be around the group. You're usually good at entertaining yourself for a few minutes, too, though.

* You love your exersaucer. You jump like crazy and you love to chew on all the toys on it. You have also started playing with "older" toys that have more cause and effect, buttons, music, lights, and talking. I need to pull out the LeapFrog table because I'm sure you'll be pulling up in no time. Crazy.

* When I sing to you, you stare up at me and grab my mouth. It kind of hurts, but it's so sweet, that I just let you do it.

* You went on your first road trip to Nana and Pops' house for Christmas, and you were an angel! You did great in the car, and you stayed on-schedule and happy the whole time.

We love you, Caroline Grace. It's hard to remember life without you now...
Mama and Daddy

Unofficial Stats:
weight: between 19 and 20 pounds
length: will add later
clothes: 6-12 months, 9 months
diaper size: size 4 (These are SO much easier to get on you!)
sleep: 7pm-7am
naps: 8:30am-10, 12pm-2, 4-5
feedings: 7am, 11, 3pm, 6:30 (very inconsistent on how much you'll take per bottle); 2-3 solid food feedings

Monthly monkey pics...
I took the "7 month" sticker off your onesie because you just kept eating it. :)

Caroline is 6 months old

So... these monthly foot pictures are getting a little hard, and might soon be discontinued. Somebody's getting too wiggly. :)

Dear Caroline,
You are SIX MONTHS OLD. How did that happen? I remember when Kate turned 6 months old I was thinking how old she seemed, but with you, I realize I still consider you my tiny baby. Although, let's face it, tiny you are not. In fact, we went to the doctor today, and you're exactly 10 pounds heavier than the day you were born. You have more than doubled in size! Here are other ways you've grown and changed this month:

* You became a very steady sitter a month ago. You usually fall over only if you want to get somewhere. Then you roll and scootch until you get there. It's not uncommon to sit you down in one place to find that in two minutes you've made it clear across the room to something you had your eye on.

* I'm nervous. A few days ago you were working on getting your booty up in the air and your legs under you. You are NOT allowed to crawl yet, okay missy??

* You are a tummy sleeper all the way. You scootch your way to a corner of your crib and sleep with your booty in the air. It's adorable.

* You've been teething this month, and now we have proof! Your bottom right tooth is poking through, and the one next to it looks like it may come soon.

* Meals are all still liquid for now. I keep trying solids with you, but you just make faces and spit it out. You'll get the hang of it. No worries! You take 4-5 bottles per day and you fluctuate between 5 and 8 ounces per bottle. You're still pretty hard to feed, and we sometimes have to work on your bottles for quite a while. We take lots of breaks and multiple attempts at your feedings. I really don't know how you weigh so much. It's the only difficult thing about you.

* You adore your sister. You keep your eyes on her when she's around, and if she's close enough, you always want to grab at her. She's not a fan of that, though. You seem to smile more for her than anyone else, and she's not even paying attention to you! You sure watch her closely, though, and you are so interested in her toys!

* When your hands aren't in your mouth, you're flapping your arms. It's a new thing you do.

* Naps have been going great this month. You still take three a day, and you've been very consistent on the times and duration. I hope I didn't just jinx us. :) I put you down in your crib, you roll right over, find your thumb, and go to sleep. Love it.

* You're in a grabby phase. You grab anything that's near you, and you especially love to grab our mouths and noses.

Caroline, you are the most content baby ever. You are happy to play by yourself or be carted around and thrown off schedule. You never really cry, and you only fuss if you're really tired or hungry. I'm so thankful for this because my hands are pretty full! I can't believe you're already 6 months old.

We love our little Monkey!
Mama and Daddy

Official Stats:
weight: 18 lb, 11 ounces (90-95th%)
length: 25.8 inches (50-75th%)
head: 16.3 inches (25-50th%)
clothes: a few large 3-6 things, 6 months, some 9 months
diaper size: size 3
sleep: 7pm-7am
naps: 8:30am-10, 12pm-2, 4-5
feedings: We aim for 4 bottles now... 7am, 11, 3pm, 6:30 

Here's how you're sizing up next to your monkey...

It was hard to take your monkey picture because all you wanted to do was eat him. :)

Caroline is 5 months old

Dear Caroline,

You are five months old today, sweet girl! Today is Halloween and we dressed you as a cow. We thought that was fitting! You had your costume on for all of half an hour, though, as your sister was sick today, and we only put the costumes on to try and get some pictures. You were in bed well before the trick-or-treaters started to arrive!

You have changed a lot over the last 31 days. You're growing and showing us more and more of your personality. Here are a few things going on with you:

* You are rolling all over the place. We set you down on a blanket, and in a matter of seconds, you've rolled clear across the room. You also can scootch to things you want to explore. You get your booty up high in the air then push your legs back, like a little inch worm! This method takes a while, but unless you get distracted along the way, it proves effective. I have a feeling you're going to be mobile early. I really could do without this.

* You roll in the crib, too. Even though we still always put you down on your back, you immediately roll to your tummy.

* Your reflux is still bothersome to you, and I don't think we'll see much improvement until we start giving you regular solid feedings. You have some easy(ish) feedings, but you rarely just suck down a bottle. Funny; to look at you, I'd think you never turned down a meal, but that's not the case! You're still on Prevacid for the reflux.

* You had cold #2 this month, and you lovingly shared it with your sister. It's hard enough to feed you when you're well. When you're congested it becomes next to impossible. Let's try and stay well for a longer stretch now.

* When I hand you toys, you reach out to take them from me. You are showing preferences for certain toys (light up ones are always a hit), and you primarily like to put them in your mouth.

* You also like to grab for loose burp cloths, blankets, or clothes and stuff them in your mouth. Kate did that, too.

* Your naps are going a little better than last month. When you're well, they tend to go okay. You get three opportunities to nap, and you like to go for 45 minutes to an hour each time. We try to stretch out a couple of naps to at least an hour and 15 minutes, but I've learned to be flexible. Your nighttime sleep is still amazing - 7pm to 7am - so I will not complain (too much) about inconsistent napping.

* When Kate's around, your eyes are glued to her. You try to grab her when she's near, but she doesn't tolerate that. You love to play with the toys she plays with (like her fire truck and her LeapFrog letters). It's funny to see you prefer those older toys.

* You're "talking" more to us. You squeal, and I imitate you. We have great conversations. :)

* You smile and laugh, but we have to work to get that from you sometimes! You're seem to have a more serious side than your sister did at this age. I mentioned last month that you hadn't given us a great belly laugh yet, but you do now! I posted a video here.

* You're SO incredibly laid back. Most of the time when we go places, I end up having to run after Kate, and you just chill in the stoller. I don't usually hear a peep out of you. You're very go-with-the-flow, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that about you.

* We tried rice cereal a couple of times. You make faces and don't really know to swallow. You'll get there!

* You still suck your thumb or fingers when you're falling asleep. It's a great clue for me that you're tired!

* While you're not an unassisted sitter yet, you're surprisingly good at sitting up for short periods of time before you flop over. You seem happy when you're sitting up; I think it helps relieve the reflux.

* You rarely cry. The only time we really hear you cry is when you wake up from naps. Sometimes you fuss a bit when you want to be held.

* I tried giving you some formula one day to see if you would react at all to the milk protein. (I had the Benedryl ready, just in case!) You drank 4 ounces and had NO reaction. Crossing my fingers that you don't have a dairy allergy like your sister.

It's so funny. I thought your sister was such an easy baby, and then we had YOU. You are such a blessing to us, little one. I can't believe you're getting so close to the 6 month mark!

Love you,
Mama and Daddy

Unofficial Stats:
weight: 18.7 lb
length: ~25 inches
clothes: 3-6 months, 6 months
diaper size: size 3
sleep: 7pm-7am
naps: 8:30am-10, 12pm-1pm, 3-4
feedings: 7am, 10, 1pm, 4, 6:30 (7-8 ounces at first and last, 5-7 ounces at each midday bottle)

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