Caroline is 11 months old

I have no idea how I got this shot. You just kept trying to dive over the front of the chair the whole time.
Just another note... Kate's 11 month sticker for your shirt wasn't salvageable. Oh well!

Dear Caroline,

How is it possible that you're just one month away from your first birthday? You're growing and changing so fast and showing us daily that you understand so much of what's going on around you. Here's what you've been up to in April...

- You watch what Kate's doing and do the same. The other day Kate was making a game of running to me, and I'd toss her in the air. You figured it out and started crawling to me at hyper-speed for your turn, laughing all the while. You also have learned how to put necklaces on, just like big sister does. You're already playing dress-up!

- You have started throwing fits from time to time when things don't go your way or we have to take something from you.

- I'm surprised you're not walking yet. You cruise on everything and spend a lot of time on your feet, but you haven't tried any steps yet. Your crawling speed can be pretty incredible, though; we take our eyes off you for a second, and you're gone! We definitely think you have the ability to walk if you wanted to, but you're just so intent on getting places fast that you don't care to try yet.

- You say "Mama!" And you're doing a lot more babbling in general than you were. I think you attempt "hi" and "bye bye" and "yay" as well. There have been a couple of times when you've copied the intonation of words I say.

- You like to play with whatever Kate has at that moment. It drives her insane.

- Meal times are a breeze with you, for the most part. You're great at using a sippy cup, and you're even better at throwing it. You LOVE to feed yourself pretty much anything. You eat a lot of deli turkey, cheese, avocado (your favorite!), crackers, fruit, or whatever we're having. I made a Mexican dish the other night that had some spice to it, and you gobbled it down without hesitation. You DO NOT like being spoon fed at all anymore. If we want to try and spoon something to you, we have to give you something really interesting to play with while we sneak it in. Typically, if you see us pull out a puree from the pantry, you start throwing a hissy in your highchair. You want to do it yourself!! I did discover that you'll take the squeezy puree packets most of the time, so those are nice to have on hand.

- Kate's favorite show is Little Einsteins and you participate with the show, too. To get the rocket flying, they pat their legs, so you do too! And when it says, "Raise your arms and say 'blast off!'" your little arms go up too! Another Little Einsteins junkie in the making!

- There's no snuggling with you. You're just a little monkey intent on getting out of whatever grip or hold we may have on you. We really need to try and video this. It makes me sad, though, as I just want to rock you and hold you, but you won't have any of that!

- The rest of those 6 teeth that were all popping through at the same time finally came all the way in at the beginning of the month, so you've been happier than you were there for a while. Those top teeth really changed your smile, and you look so different!

- You have an obsession with the TV remote control. It's so funny to see the lengths you'll go to to try and get your hands on it. We've given you an old one that's not functional anymore, but you know the difference, and that one doesn't cut it.

- Your favorite toys are the play kitchen and food, the dollhouse, and the doll stroller, which you use as a walker.

- You learned to give high fives, and you think it's the most hilarious thing ever. You're so proud of yourself!

We're proud of you too, sweet Caroline!
Mama and Daddy

UNofficial Stats:
weight: 23 or 24 pounds
length: 28 inches (This is also what I measured you as last month, but you look like you've gotten taller!)
clothes: 12-18 months, 18-24 months
diaper size: size 4
sleep: 7pm-7am
naps: 8:30am-10, 12pm-2
teeth: 8
feedings: 7am, 2pm (just starting to drop this), 6:30pm bottles; 3 solid food feedings plus snacks

Take a look at all those teeth!