Caroline is 5 months old

Dear Caroline,

You are five months old today, sweet girl! Today is Halloween and we dressed you as a cow. We thought that was fitting! You had your costume on for all of half an hour, though, as your sister was sick today, and we only put the costumes on to try and get some pictures. You were in bed well before the trick-or-treaters started to arrive!

You have changed a lot over the last 31 days. You're growing and showing us more and more of your personality. Here are a few things going on with you:

* You are rolling all over the place. We set you down on a blanket, and in a matter of seconds, you've rolled clear across the room. You also can scootch to things you want to explore. You get your booty up high in the air then push your legs back, like a little inch worm! This method takes a while, but unless you get distracted along the way, it proves effective. I have a feeling you're going to be mobile early. I really could do without this.

* You roll in the crib, too. Even though we still always put you down on your back, you immediately roll to your tummy.

* Your reflux is still bothersome to you, and I don't think we'll see much improvement until we start giving you regular solid feedings. You have some easy(ish) feedings, but you rarely just suck down a bottle. Funny; to look at you, I'd think you never turned down a meal, but that's not the case! You're still on Prevacid for the reflux.

* You had cold #2 this month, and you lovingly shared it with your sister. It's hard enough to feed you when you're well. When you're congested it becomes next to impossible. Let's try and stay well for a longer stretch now.

* When I hand you toys, you reach out to take them from me. You are showing preferences for certain toys (light up ones are always a hit), and you primarily like to put them in your mouth.

* You also like to grab for loose burp cloths, blankets, or clothes and stuff them in your mouth. Kate did that, too.

* Your naps are going a little better than last month. When you're well, they tend to go okay. You get three opportunities to nap, and you like to go for 45 minutes to an hour each time. We try to stretch out a couple of naps to at least an hour and 15 minutes, but I've learned to be flexible. Your nighttime sleep is still amazing - 7pm to 7am - so I will not complain (too much) about inconsistent napping.

* When Kate's around, your eyes are glued to her. You try to grab her when she's near, but she doesn't tolerate that. You love to play with the toys she plays with (like her fire truck and her LeapFrog letters). It's funny to see you prefer those older toys.

* You're "talking" more to us. You squeal, and I imitate you. We have great conversations. :)

* You smile and laugh, but we have to work to get that from you sometimes! You're seem to have a more serious side than your sister did at this age. I mentioned last month that you hadn't given us a great belly laugh yet, but you do now! I posted a video here.

* You're SO incredibly laid back. Most of the time when we go places, I end up having to run after Kate, and you just chill in the stoller. I don't usually hear a peep out of you. You're very go-with-the-flow, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that about you.

* We tried rice cereal a couple of times. You make faces and don't really know to swallow. You'll get there!

* You still suck your thumb or fingers when you're falling asleep. It's a great clue for me that you're tired!

* While you're not an unassisted sitter yet, you're surprisingly good at sitting up for short periods of time before you flop over. You seem happy when you're sitting up; I think it helps relieve the reflux.

* You rarely cry. The only time we really hear you cry is when you wake up from naps. Sometimes you fuss a bit when you want to be held.

* I tried giving you some formula one day to see if you would react at all to the milk protein. (I had the Benedryl ready, just in case!) You drank 4 ounces and had NO reaction. Crossing my fingers that you don't have a dairy allergy like your sister.

It's so funny. I thought your sister was such an easy baby, and then we had YOU. You are such a blessing to us, little one. I can't believe you're getting so close to the 6 month mark!

Love you,
Mama and Daddy

Unofficial Stats:
weight: 18.7 lb
length: ~25 inches
clothes: 3-6 months, 6 months
diaper size: size 3
sleep: 7pm-7am
naps: 8:30am-10, 12pm-1pm, 3-4
feedings: 7am, 10, 1pm, 4, 6:30 (7-8 ounces at first and last, 5-7 ounces at each midday bottle)

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