Caroline's Strawberry-Themed First Birthday Party

(from May 27, 2012)

We had Caroline's first birthday party over Memorial Day weekend. It was perfect timing since we had my aunt and uncle as well as my cousin and his family coming in town. The more the merrier! There were over 20 of us there - just family!

The decorations and display are a major sore point for me still. In this age of Pinterest boards and cute party blogs, you really feel the need to have an amazing food table and decorations. I chose a strawberry theme, and we had strawberry lemonade, strawberries and cream, and strawberry cupcakes (from Confection Perfection by Melissa). I purchased a printable party pack at Dimple Prints on Etsy, and spent time getting everything printed, cut, and ribbons strung. 

But day of the party was WINDY. I mean SUPER windy. I had bought balloons, but the second I got them out of the car, all the strings wound up around each other and they were all in one huge clump. The wind was so strong that the balloons kept popping at random even though there was nothing near them! I had banners to hang that I couldn't hang, and all of these cute decorations that I just couldn't use in that weather. I couldn't even put my cupcakes on the cute stand I had for fear the wind would blow it over. Everything pretty much just got thrown on the table. I was so sad! A lot of time and expense went into all of that, and I was so frustrated that it all went to waste. Not to mention I was disappointed for the lack of cute decoration photos! I had to keep reminding myself that everyone was having fun, and that was really all that mattered.

Here's the Dimple Prints invitation...

The sad, sad table...

Caroline enjoyed her cupcake, but she didn't get as into it as she did for her smash cake session a couple weeks prior.


Opening her gifts (with some help!)...

Kate and Adelaide playing w/ Caroline's new binoculars...

The splash pad was the perfect place for all the cousins to play!


Strawberry printable party pack: Dimple Prints on Etsy
The bushel baskets were purchased at Hobby Lobby.
The girls' strawberry outfits were from Janie and Jack. (And they're on major clearance now!)