friday phone dump 2.24.12

phone dump 2.24.12

* at the "dry bar" getting my hair done before the flight to paris | perfectly straight hair
* kate's outfit- hat, diaper, boots | caroline climbing the stairs | kirby helping herself to a pillow
* blue cart car, blue balloon | caroline pulling up under the table | caroline's way of opening her valentines
* kate sporting mr. potato head's glasses | kate in a box | caroline watching tangled
* kate coloring | caroline playing with a box (a kid's favorite toy) | kate sitting on kirby (best dog ever)
* bath crayons | more pulling up | miss blue eyes
* more coloring | lots of jet streams | peekaboo at the park
* wearing caroline, trying to feed her a bottle, and running after kate at the park | picking dandelions | caroline bottle time
* cuddling | posing | playing w/ kirby

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