Europe Vacation: Paris Day 2

We started Paris day 2 by walking by the Louvre and the pyramid, but we skipped that museum since we've both been before. Instead, we went to the Orsay Museum. The works there date from the 1800s (I think) where the Louvre's collection stops. Unfortunately, no photography was allowed, so I only got a picture of the outside (bottom left). We saw the art of Monet, Degas, Renoir, Van Gogh, and on and on. For lunch we went to Les Deux Magots (I kept laughing at the name!), but it was a favorite spot of Hemingway's to sit and write.


Next we stumbled upon this chocolate shop, and like a magnet force, I was drawn in. There was gold leaf on our little trio of desserts, and the hot chocolate was so thick I didn't think there was even any milk in it. That's why they give you such a tiny cup, I guess. Powerful stuff!


Next we went to Notre Dame. I loved the pictures I got in here. It was so fun to look for interesting light and try to capture it. The architecture was just amazing.


We ducked into a couple of shops. First we stopped in the L'Arche de Noe ("Noah's Ark") toy store to get some gifts for the girls. We got a little stuffed rabbit and mouse with French writing on their clothes. And I had to take a picture of Sophie the giraffe in her homeland. :) We also visited the Shakespeare and Company book shop (an American owned place).

We stopped in a neighborhood bar for a coffee while we waited for the dinner hour. We loved the atmosphere of the place - the girl behind the bar was so sweet as a little boy kept riding his scooter back behind the counter. Too funny!

Dinner was another restaurant listed in the Rick Steves book. It was very good, but I liked the first night's meal better.


It was another very full, fun day.

Next up... Rome!