iphone photo dump

Sharing the pics off my phone since Caroline came along... 

first moments holding Caroline 
Nick on daddy-duty
Nick's mom (Nana) texted this one to us of Kate playing in the backyard while we were still in the hospital. 
Daddy snuggling with Caroline 
A Kate visit to the hospital
(We kept feeding her snacks to keep her occupied!)
Caroline's ride home from the hospital
Those are some serious cheeks! They jiggled the whole way home!

Kate loves to read in her old ducky bath tub
already holding her own bottle... so talented! 
SO relaxed!
Kate just in from a swim with Daddy
Kate reading a book - Here she's saying "cat" and pointing to it.
Kate pointing out Caroline's eyes, nose, etc. She got hold of Caroline's ear here. I had to throw down the phone to break it up! Caroline didn't even notice. :)