108/365 & splash pad extras

{splash pad, take two}
Our Lens Baby group met again at the Village of Fairview splash pad, and this time, Kate actually ventured out into the water. She warmed up to it quickly and ran through the fountains with an expression of pure exhilaration. I even had a few strangers approach me to say how much they enjoyed watching her run around. (Not creepy, promise!)

Here's a 20 second video I took of her running around. I took it w/ my Nikon, though, and I have no clue how to take video with it yet. (That will be obvious.) But it's still fun to see her running around...

And a few more photos...
dancing to the music

After her hair dried, the length in the back curled up. It's not usually this curly! I loved it.

(this pic taken w/ iPhone, obviously)
I need to add that within the first 3 minutes of arrival, Kate bit it HARD on the rocky concrete stage. I have a feeling this is going to look nasty for several days. Poor little booger!