project 365: ready, set, shoot

2011 is the year I'm finally going to participate in Project 365: taking & posting a picture each day of the year. 

Here are my goals:
1) Not to worry too much about each pic being a work of art
2) To notice the little things each day that will capture our life; to recognize what sweet moments define our day
3) To practice photography
4) To keep it fun & not stress over it

I'm going to see about adding a tab to my blog so that I don't have to clog up the main blog site with so many tiny posts. It may end up just being a set on my Flickr account. 

I also know that in late May when Baby comes, there may be a brief intermission from posting. I still hope to take a pic a day, though! (We'll just have to see how that works out for me!)

Post 1/365 coming soon...