Kate's First Christmas

I remember telling Nick last Christmas (all big and pregnant) how strange it was that next Christmas we would have an almost-one-year-old celebrating her first Christmas. Now it feels strange that next year we'll be a family of four.

We celebrated with my family here in town. There was even one night where all four Purcell kids were together with our families (minus Nick b/c he was out of town for work). What a huge crowd we were! We enjoyed having Matt, Shay, Jackson, and Adelaide stay with us. It was fun to see Kate and Adelaide interact (which mostly comprised of Kate constantly taking whatever toy Adelaide was playing with). Kate loved chasing Jackson around the house, and consequently, she slept VERY well while they were here!

Santa brought Kate a new Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair which she's not really into yet, but I figure she will be in the coming year. He also brought her a smattering of other small toys including a giggling little Elmo that kind of freaks her out. Gram and Grandaddy got her a Cozy Coupe, Great Grandmother gave her her very own stroller to push, and Nana and Pops sent a Radio Flyer wagon! Kirby (never left out) got several packages of "cookies" for her treat ball, as well as other bones and treats. Nick's big gift was a set of cast iron pots and pans to use on the smoker, and I got to order my new camera! Woo hoo! (It's on back order, though, so I'll have to be patient a little while longer.) I'm looking forward to improved focus and better low-light pictures.

And speaking of pictures...