erwin park

Sunday afternoon we went over to nearby Erwin Park for a little while. While it doesn't have a playground, it does have lots of space, and we enjoyed letting Kate "off leash." ;)

I really should bring the tripod so I can get in the shots, too. My three loves...

 Kate, show us your flower.

Kate got SO excited when she found a "forest." There was really no way through, but she found ways to get in the trees.

It won't be long, and this one'll be running around out there too.

 Gross. But it kept her a little occupied. Second child.

Where's Caroline?  Peekaboo...there she is!

 I loved this branch. If only she'd pose for me, I'd be set. Tongue sticking out wasn't exactly what I had in mind!

Watching a family shoot off rockets.

I was there! See??

No wildflower fields, but there were flowers, so I practiced a little w/ my macro lens.

And Kate actually "took" this one. (She pressed the shutter.) The camera was on the ground. I thought it was interesting!

Thanks for checking in on our blog!