Kate's Farm-themed 2nd Birthday Party (Part 2: The Party Girl)

Link to Part 1 (decorations)

Kate sure enjoyed being the center of attention during her farm birthday party! She played with the balloons and with the new stick pony she named "Pony Max." She kept pointing at the colorful "cupkates," but due to her allergy, she had her own vegan chocolate cake. She didn't mind one bit. (Helps that she's never had the real thing, I guess.) She did mind when Caroline kept trying to grab for it, though!

Next she opened presents and excitedly exclaimed, "A BOX!" after ripping the paper off each one. :) Kate received a dress up set from her aunt/uncle/cousins which was a huge hit! She was so proud of her pretty princess accessories.

I found the girls' party clothes at Old Navy. I thought Caroline's little red gingham dress perfectly fit our farm themed party, and I was sad they didn't have them large enough for Kate too. The little cherry top with jeans was darling on her, though.

I know I'm going overboard on the pictures, but it's really hard to narrow it down when they're of your own kid! :) My personal fave is the one of Nick blowing out Kate's candles. I love how she's looking up at him!

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And if this wasn't enough pictures for you, there are more...