Storybook Ranch

The moment we pulled into the drive of Storybook Ranch, Kate excitedly yelled, "A farm! A farm!" over and over. She climbed on pumpkins, pet and chased the animals, and even rode a pony! She didn't last long on the pony, though. After about one minute she began earnestly repeating, "All done. All done. All done." She also snatched the pony's brush, and although I tried to show her how to gently brush the pony, she was more interested in using it on her own hair. Nasty.

It was hard to juggle feeding and tending to Caroline and chasing after Kate to keep her from terrorizing the ponies or running into the barbed wire fence. Oh, and take pictures. Kate was unhappy when I had to hold her or put her in the stroller while I tended to Caroline, and Caroline just hung out in the stroller with very little interaction the whole time. I'm so thankful for the other moms in my group who helped me watch both girls.

I honestly thought I might not have gotten a single good shot. I was so thrilled to find several "keepers" in the bunch. Gosh she's cute...