Caroline's birth announcement & our Weedon photos

I absolutely LOVE Caroline's birth announcement. We decided to go with this one, designed by the Weedons, so that we could use the photos from our photo shoot with her. It is a folded 5x7 card with a full size picture on the front and inside left. This is wonderful because we can frame these! While these puppies weren't cheap, it was cheaper than ordering two 5x7 prints, and this way our families can frame them, too. Because of the cost, we ordered the minimum of 50. We wish we could have included more friends in the mail out! Sharing it here will have to suffice.

Here are a few photos from our photo shoot with Angie Weedon. She gave us a few low-res, watermarked images on a disk (the ones that were already edited). She also sent a luggage tag for each girl's diaper bag with their names, information, and portraits. SO cute! Also, thanks to your comments on her blog, we got three free accordion brag books... two for the grandparents and one for us to keep.