{on my own}
Nick went back to work today. Although we missed Dada, Kate kept herself PLENTY busy.
Check this girl out...

Gram took the little miss to Toys R Us and bought her some Mega Bloks!
playing in the suitcase

Kate kept wanting to show the blocks to Caroline.  

Yes,  that's the "bee bee." 

back to the blocks 

Wait, I forgot I have these blocks, too. Let me continue to make as big a mess as possible.

Climbing on and off the couch a million times... this time to get her bag... 

... and pull out the bag of cookies even though it's almost supper time. 

While Kate's distracted by the baby chair, Mama hides the cookies. 

watching the picture frame (again!)

on to something new 

And after Daddy got home, we played outside for a few minutes. 

more interested in the actual chalk than drawing with it 

Time for bed ... PHEW!