Kate is 17 months old

Dear Kate,

You are 17 months old today! Now that we have tiny Caroline, you look HUGE. Seeing her then looking at you reminds me how fast time really does fly, even if it might feel slow as we live each moment.

I've missed you lately. Daddy has been taking full-time care of you since I'm not supposed to lift you for at least another week. It's so hard for me to let him put you to bed every night. That's always one of my favorite times with you! You love your Daddy time, though! He's been taking you to the park and pool and on daily walks in your stroller or wagon. With the summer heat really starting to set in (about 100 degrees usually), you're starting to get quite the tan! Needless to say, you're really worn out by the end of the day. Daddy will be home for just one more week. I'm not sure how I'm going to keep you entertained  when he's not home to help!

Our family changes aren't the only ones going on. You grow and learn more each minute, often surprising us with how much you understand. Here are some things you've been up to over the past month:

* You've picked up some cute expressions, and you think it's hilarious when we ask you to "perform" them. When we say "yucky," you stick out your tongue and do a yucky face. We've started saying "aw, man" instead of "uh oh" sometimes, and you love to tilt your head to the side and say "awww" with us. Also, Daddy will ask you what you look like when you're sleeping, and you'll tip your head to the side to show him.

* You're following multi-step commands now. For instance, when you need a snack, I'll say, "Find your treat cup and bring it to Mama." You'll gather it up and hand it to me.

* Your vocabulary is expanding daily now. You are attempting more words than ever before, and you're saying more of the word - not just the initial sound. Here are a few we have remembered to jot down that you've mastered this month: sun, zipper, bug, flag, bag, baa (to identify a sheep), bellybutton, snack, quack quack, "'Mo" (for Elmo), phone, high, bike, strawberries, two. Most important, you're calling me "mama" all the time now. FINALLY!

* Just yesterday you showed us that you understand "two." Without any prompting, you stacked your water cup and your milk cup and said "two." Then when Daddy was putting you down for your nap and got a few books in your crib with you, you opened your numbers book and you said "two" as you pointed to the "two" page. That just amazes me.

* You've also become more interested in learning your letters. You point to the letters in books in random order, wanting us to tell you the name of each. Daddy said at the pool yesterday, you kept pointing to the letters in the "NO DIVING" signage, wanting Daddy to say the name of each one.

* Daddy and I have to spell as we talk in your presence now because you understand (or misunderstand) so much. We can't throw around certain words like "go," "car," "snack," etc. or else you'll get all excited (and really upset if we don't deliver what you expected).

* You're starting to throw some tantrums. They're usually in the late afternoon/evening after you've been tired out from playing hard all day. If you don't get what you want, you cry loudly and either try to cling to us or throw yourself on the floor. We do our best to ignore you. It's hard to say if this is a result of all the changes in the house, or if you are just getting to that age.

* For the most part, you don't pay attention to Caroline. You like to say "bay-bee," and you look at her for brief moments. The biggest change for you has just been that you haven't been getting much "mommy time." Hopefully things will be a little easier on that front when I can pick you up again. Then I can resume normal routines like putting you down to bed! It's going to be hard, though, to feel like I'm giving both my girls the attention you need once Daddy goes back to work.

We love you so much, Kate Burnett. You light up our lives!

Mama and Daddy

Weight: 25.5 pounds
Length: 32 inches
Clothes: 18 months, a few 24 months
Diaper size: 4
Sleep: 7pm - 7:30am 
Nap: 12pm-2pm
Teeth: 9 through, working on SEVERAL more (fun times with molars and eye teeth!)

Here are a few other pictures from the month that I don't think I've posted yet...

helping Daddy water the plants
We normally leave blankie and paci upstairs in your crib, but you woke up in a bad mood. See also that you've dumped out your snack on the floor, and that Kirby is taking care of it for you.

again with the ducky bath tub - a favorite addition to the play room
You went through a "this little piggy" phase this month. It's so cute when you say, "wee wee wee!"

flapping your wings like a bird/butterfly