I'm excited. After years of drooling over her amazing portraits, the Carlsons trekked down to 
Angela Weedon Photography today for a family photo shoot!

While they did Caroline's newborn shots, they kept the studio a snuggly warm
 88 degrees! (Anything to keep those babies sleepy!) Even though I was sure my makeup was running, and my hair was getting wet with sweat, I had to watch! It was amazing to see how they got her in all those bendy poses. I sure wish I knew how to do all that. Angie's husband, Matt, was so wonderful with Kate. She really warmed up to him, and even though she's teething and going through her "there's a new baby in the house" adjustment period, he really got her giggling!

I'll be sure and post the link to her blog when she posts our family's sneak peek! Go ahead and click the link above to get a taste of her amazing work.

p.s. I promise I asked permission before taking these pictures!