Kate is 16 months old

Dear Kate,

I’m getting teary writing today’s post because this is the last time I’ll do your monthly post about you as an only child. In a bit over two weeks, you’re going to be a big sister. It will mean big changes for our routine, and I worry about how you’ll transition. Daddy and I have been praying for you, though, and we know that God goes before us! And when I’m feeling that mommy-guilt over spreading attention between my two girls, I will remember what a precious gift we’re giving you in your sister, Caroline.
It astounds me how fast you grow and develop, even day by day. There’s so much you understand but still can’t communicate yet. Here’s what’s been going on with you...
  • You love to climb up on and race across the couch. You have no sense of the edge, though, so we have to be ready to catch you!
  • I noticed right after you turned 15 months, you started babbling constantly. So cute! I wonder what you are trying to tell us. You still ask, “‘‘iss?” about a million times a day to hear what things are called. Often, you know what they are, but you ask anyway! These are the new words you’ve added to your vocabulary this month: hat, moon, clock, hanger, heart, frog, food, roar (for a lion), belt, and bye. Again, you just say the beginning sounds of each of these words, but the doctor said that counts as a word! There are many other words that you’ll repeat after us, but these are the ones that you’ll come up with completely on your own. We’re getting closer with “mama.” You’ll point to me in pictures and say, “mama,” but you rarely name me “mama.”
  • You think it’s great fun to knock on doors, flap your arms when I say, “fly like a bird,” give hugs to your baby doll and find her belly button, find your belly button, lift Mama’s shirt and find her belly button, take lids on and off of containers, clap when songs are done, and talk on your pretend phone. 
  • You love playing outside with Daddy. (Mama’s not able to chase you around like he can!) And big news... you got over your fear of the Cozy Coupe and your wagon. You like to ride in them now!
  • You are still a great sleeper and always go down without a fuss. We had to remove the bumper from your crib because you started stepping onto it. Not only was it getting smushed, but it got you one step closer to the edge of the crib. When you wake up you will sometimes mess with the teething guard fabric that Velcros across the front rail. One day I went in there to find you’d removed it, and you had chewed your crib in several spots across the front. You had wood finish around your mouth and on your shirt!
  • You got your first molar. Boy, that was rough!
  • Sometimes you’ll pick up Kirby’s toys (gross), and I tell you, “go give it to Kirby.” You walk the toy right over to her and lay it down. You are so smart!
  • You are getting to that stage where you’re frustrated when you can’t do something by yourself. Usually it’s when you can’t reach or open something. You start whining and doing a fake cry. We’re working on, “Help, please!”
  • During meals, you like to watch the bird feeder we installed right outside the kitchen window. I thought it might make a good distraction for you as you’re cooped up in your highchair for meals, but sometimes you get so excited about bird watching that you refuse to eat. Backfire!
  • Your appetite seems to have decreased since last month. I attribute some of that to the teething going on, but it’s been harder to get you to eat what I think is a full meal. You still eat baby cereal with applesauce mixed in for breakfast because I can add in about 6 ounces of soy milk to it. I want to make sure you’re getting the calcium you need! I tried to give you adult oatmeal, but you didn’t like the texture. For your other two meals, we usually start with a meat like turkey or chicken, give you a couple of veggies, and end with a good portion of fruit. You ate brownies for the first time this month and loved them! I was surprised to see there were no milk ingredients in the mix! Lucky you!
  • You like getting out of the house to do errands. You get excited when I tell you that we’re going to “go in the car.” In fact, yesterday we were just lounging at home, and you went to the garage door, reached for the knob and shouted, “go, go!” Apparently you needed to get out of the house. I have times like that, too, Kate!
You are at such a fun age, Munchkin, and we enjoy you so very much!
Mama and Daddy

Weight: 25.5 pounds
Length: 31 inches
Clothes: 18 months, a few 24 months
Diaper size: 4
Sleep: 7pm - 7:30am
Naps: 12pm-2pm
Teeth: 9 through

Flying like a bird
You love climbing on these 2 steps before the baby gate. I prefer you stay off of them, please!
Funny face... you really do like edamame!
Look at all that hair!
Locating your belly button