First Day of Spring

The three of us (four if you count the somersaulting Caroline in my belly) took advantage of the gorgeous Sunday weather by playing at the park. 

Kate loves the freedom of being outside and running around... like a dog off-leash!

Kate's favorite activity was going UP and DOWN the stairs. (She's not allowed to do this on her stairs at home, so it was extra fun!)

 Almost to the top (again).

Peeking through the side panel.

And UP again.

Taking the slide DOWN this time.

Did you know Kate's obsessed with dogs? She loves to say "da" or "dada" for "dog" ALL. THE. TIME. Gets a little confusing when she means "Daddy!" She got super excited every time she saw a dog at the park today. She went tearing off after this couple and their dogs. Look at her arm outstretched... "DA! DA!" I wish you could have seen how fast she tried to chase them down. So cute! 

Having fun walking on the picnic table back and forth. I think I asked her to show me her teeth here.

When we got home, Kate tried her first (soy) ice cream treat. She wasn't so sure about how cold it was at first, but soon decided she loved it and was covered in sticky orange dreamsicle goop. Love.