Kate is 14 months old

Dear Kate,

You are 14 months old today! You sure seem like you've grown up a lot over the past month. It's becoming more and more apparent what a little sponge you are; you show new evidences everyday that you understand us in a myriad of ways. It shouldn't come as a shock, I guess, but you amaze us each day with your new learning.

Here's what's been going on...

* You started clapping this past month. You clap when I'm done singing you a song (thank you very much), and you clap along with TV audiences, too. You love for us to cheer for you, and you get a huge grin and clap for yourself right along with us.

* Lately you've been exploring how things work together by taking lids off of things and trying to put them back on, playing with stacking cups, and setting your milk in the proper spot on your highchair tray.

* You have developed into a pretty good eater. (I can't believe I'm saying that!) It seems to me like you eat A LOT, but then again, you're a really active toddler. You enjoy feeding yourself, and I've figured out a few tricks to spoon feed you, too; it helps if you have something you're playing with while I sneak the bites in. (You still eat a variety of baby food veggies, and I give you a soy or coconut milk yogurt every day.) You are doing okay drinking about one sippy cup's worth of soy milk throughout the day. I sneak in another 4 ounces into your morning cereal, and you still get one bottle (10 ounces or so) before bath time and bed.

* Your favorite food is blueberries. You get so excited when you see them! They're a great tool for calming you down when you're cranky. Mama has a few tricks up her sleeve for those emergencies!

* You're attempting lots of words. Here are the ones that we can make out: love, boom, bear, dog, Dada, what's this, this, and yes. Your first word (besides Dada) was "love," I think.  At the end of your book, Daddy Hugs (Katz), it says "I love you" ten times. We always say it really fast, and you LOVE this page. You started repeating "love" with us. What a way to warm your mama's heart!

* Speaking of books, you love bringing a book over to me and sitting in my lap to read. I can even start quoting from one of your favorites, and you'll go find that particular book out of the basket and bring it to me. What a shocker that was when you did it the first time! As we're reading, you like to skip pages to get to your favorite parts more quickly.

* This was another shocker. You understand the words 'breakfast', 'lunch', 'supper', 'hungry' and 'eat'. Anytime we say one of these words (even in isolation), and you're hungry, you run to the kitchen gate, and then in to your highchair. Hilarious!

* When you hear 'teeth,' you start chomping yours. You love your tooth brush, and you're really cute when you try to brush your own teeth.

* Your favorite sound right now is "ssssss." Whenever I use hairspray, you mimic the sound of the aerosol by repeating "ssssss." Too funny! Also, whenever we ask you to say words that have an S anywhere in the word, you just say "sssss." (For example, we say "say socks," and you say, "ssssss.") You're trying!

* Discipline has been a little tougher. You don't like that "no" word, yet you sure like to test your boundaries after you hear it! The kicker is when you look to see if I'm watching you before you commit the infraction. We do a quick 30 second time out in the pack-n-play for certain things we know you know are wrong. Hopefully with consistency, you'll start to understand this consequence. This discipline thing is sure tough with a one year old. (I guess it'll never get any easier, really!)

You are at such a fun, cute age. I love being your mama.

Love you,
Mama and Daddy

Weight: 24.5 pounds
Length: 30.5 inches
Clothes: 12-18 months, 18 months
Diaper size: 4
Sleep: 6:45pm - 7am
Naps: normally 1 per day now: 12:30ish -2:00sih (I thought dropping to one nap you'd sleep a little longer. Nope, not happnin'!)
Teeth: 8 through, possibly working on more

I finally uploaded new pictures to the digital frame and plugged it in again. Kate is obsessed with it, and when she's upset, it calms her down to go watch the frame as I name the people in the pictures.

Here are a couple more pics from our stop at the Austin Arboretum. I still need to go through all of these and post them to Flickr!