Lens Baby: Dallas Arboretum

Yesterday my Lens Baby meetup group met at the Dallas Arboretum. Our goal was to learn how to get heart shaped bokeh like this...

The image on the left was a practice shot. (You can kind of see the hearts!) If you look closely at the image on the right, you'll see those little hearts of light in the background. That's heart bokeh!

Here's how we did it. It was the coolest thing ever!

You make a black construction paper circle with a heart cut-out and hold it up (or tape it as in this photo) to your lens and shoot with the widest aperture possible on your camera. I can do this with my new lens, but the standard lens that came with my camera wouldn't have achieved the same effect.

Here's the Flickr set for a few more pics from yesterday. I used the black construction paper thingy on some of them, but not on others.