Kate is 7 months old

Dear Kate,

I cannot believe you are seven months old now! It seems so much closer to that one year mark than I care to admit. You're losing your "little baby-ness," but you're gaining more and more personality, and that is fun to see! Here are some things you've been doing over the last month...

* You're starting to notice Kirby more. You're interested in her, and you reach out to grab her if she's close enough. She doesn't appreciate being grabbed, though. We'll work on gentle pats.

* Speaking of grabbing, anything and everything that's within your reach is yours. Or so you think. We have to clear a path before we set you down somewhere. I know it's only a glimpse of the child-proofing that is to come, but it has been an eye-opener for sure to see you grabbing for things you shouldn't have. Oh, and by the way, you like to throw little tantrums when we take things away from you. Like Mommy's grocery list.

* Over the last couple of days, you've started to roll from back to tummy every chance you get. Once you're on your tummy, you work hard to get your tush way up with your legs under you. I'm pretty sure you want to crawl! You can scoot a little, but you haven't figured out how to push up on your arms. From what I hear, it's best that you stay immobile as long as possible, so no rush on the crawling thing!

* You have 2 teeth. We can only barely see them, but they're there! Your hair is thickening, too. Your days of being bald and toothless are numbered.

* You sit really well now. You only fall over when you throw yourself down because you want to try to crawl.

* At least twice a day you're eating solid foods. You like almost everything, but foods with more texture make you gag. You enjoy tasting new flavors; anything is better than your yucky "tofu milk," as Daddy calls it.

* When you're fussy in the evenings, you can be easily calmed by just walking outside. You love that! It's just too bad it's so hot out, or we'd take you out more.

* Your Daddy and I are such push-overs. We still swaddle you (arms only) to get you to sleep. I know, I know, we said we'd stop by now, and we have tried! But if you aren't swaddled, you'll just roll around and play and play and play, no matter how tired you seemed at the start. After 40 minutes of this, I cave and come swaddle you. You immediately fall asleep. I'm not sure how to rid you of this sleep-crutch except for letting you cry, but I know that's going to make for a few rough days that I'm just not ready for.

* You also still get your paci. Yes, I know. This is also something we said would be gone by now. I still have hopes to wean you from it soon, but it's harder than it looks.

Kate, you're such an easy-going girl most of the time. You're a joy all of the time. What a blessing you are to us! We are so thankful for our sweet little Munchkin.

Love you,
Mama (and Daddy, too)

Clothes: 6-9 and 6-12 month sizes

Weight: 19 pounds, give or take

Length: almost 28 inches

Diaper size: 3

Sleep: 7:30 pm - 7 am (sometimes with one night wakening where I run up and replace your paci)

Naps: 8:30-10:00, 12:30-2:00, & 4:30-5:30 (on a "normal" day, but you've been inconsistent lately)

Food: 4 bottles per day totaling about 24 ounces and two feedings of solid food

Monthly comparison shots (3 to 7 months)

Our girl is getting squirmier and squirmier - photo outtakes