Minnesota 2010

We've been home for over a week now, so it's about time to post about our trip to Minnesota! Both sides of Nick's family live in or near the twin cities, including his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Kate was introduced to them all, and everyone was smitten. She did well on the plane, sleeping during most of the flights and only squawking a few times. We were able on most days to keep to her schedule, so she traveled very well. It was a relaxing trip with most days just hanging out with family. We were at Nick's grandparents' farm near Stillwater, the town where Nick was born, for the first half of the week and moved on to his mom's side of the family for the second half. Thanks to everyone for their hospitality!

I think this was my fourth trip to MN with Nick. Each year we take pictures in the corn fields out at the farm. Unfortunately, I lost lots of photos when my computer crashed a couple of years ago, but I do still have our picture from my first trip there when Nick and I were just dating. I don't remember when it was, though!

Maybe summer of '03?
Compared to now...
(And baby makes three!)

Here's our Flickr album of the entire trip...