Kate is 5 months old

Dear Kate,

I can't believe that it was 5 months ago that you arrived on the scene. Time sure flies, doesn't it? You're developing your own little personality a little more each day - both sunny and laid back, a great combo! You rarely get truly upset, so I typically know exactly what's wrong when you do. Even today, when your nap had to come late because of church, and you were fussy in the car, I could still make you laugh and smile in the midst of your cries! You're very flexible with your schedule, and you don't mind being out of your normal routine. (That's just like your 'go-with-the-flow' daddy!)

Now that I will stay home with you, we're going to work on changing your schedule a bit. I'm hoping you'll learn to sleep in a bit later now that we don't have to get going so early in the morning. Most nights you sleep very well. You may start to toss and turn, but you can get yourself back to sleep without us coming up to replace your pacifier. Speaking of the paci, enjoy your last month with it. It won't be long before we try to phase it out. (We'll see how well Mama and Daddy stick to that!)

Here's a list of the things you've been doing this month:
* You cried real tears the other morning... you were hungry and ready to get out of your crib, and you had actual tears coming out of your eyes, and your eyelashes were wet. It broke my heart!

* You found your thumb a few days ago. You always have loved sticking your whole fist or a few fingers in your mouth, but you finally figured out how to make a fist and just keep your thumb out. You enjoy practicing your new talent. Let's just hope you ditch the habit sooner than your mama did (age 7!).

* You rolled over a few weeks ago! You actually did it for the first time over with Aunt Mindy and cousin Chase. You were having some tummy time and flipped right over. Aunt Mindy said it looked like you were already a rolling pro - she didn't realize that was your first time. You showed Mama your new talent that night, and the next day you even rolled from back to tummy. Wow!

* Speaking of tummy time, you don't hate it quite so much as you used to. You tolerate it for a few minutes before you get mad now. You get really mad if you can't remember how to roll over.

* You are beginning to experiment with your voice more. It's so cute to hear you carry on and on with little squeals and gurgles.

* Your seahorse toy is one of your faves. It is absolutely adorable when you hug and cuddle it when you're trying to go to sleep. It plays very relaxing classical music that even makes me close my eyes.

* Two other toys you are big enough to enjoy now are your exer-saucer and jumper. You love to reach out and bat at all the toys on your exer-saucer, and you are all smiles and giggles when you get in your jumper. It's one of your favorite things for sure.

* At nap times and bedtime you're still getting swaddled in your Miracle Blanket. It's getting too small for you, and you're able to get your legs free most of the time now. It's hard to stop using it, though, because if we don't use it, you wake yourself up with flailing arms. I think it will just take some practice for you to get used to sleeping without it. We will miss our little Kate burrito! (Must post picture/video of the Kate burrito soon!)

* One new thing you're doing is stuffing towels, bibs, clothes and anything fabric in your mouth. Yum!

* You're becoming more interactive with the games we can play with you. Just yesterday, Daddy was holding you, and I played game where you looked at me to one side, then you'd turn your head to the other side as I popped over there. You kept turning from side to side as I popped back and forth. I thought it was pretty advanced for a 5 month old!

* We've tried rice cereal using a spoon a few times now. You have no clue what to do with the spoon or the food. You spit it all out and make funny faces. It's a good thing we still have time before you have to start eating solids. You'll get the hang of it soon!

* You don't like to eat. Sometimes you'll just take an ounce at a feeding and call it quits. Please cooperate, sweet girl!

* You just starting arching back much of the time. You're obviously uncomfortable. Is it reflux? Even in the bathtub or in your little chair, you push back. You prefer being flat on the floor.

I count myself so blessed to be your mama. Daddy and I love you SO much!


Clothes: a smattering of 3-6 months, 6 months, and 6-12 months - anything to fit your length!

Weight: 14 pounds, 8 ounces (June 3rd)

Length: close to 26 inches by my measurement

Diaper size: 2

Sleep: 8:30pm - 6 am

Naps: 8-10/10:30, 12:00-2:00, & one late afternoon doze

5 month pose with elephant

...compared to the 4 month pic

...compared to the 3 month pic

And this one's just for fun because it warms Mama's heart!