Kate is 4 months old

Dear Kate,

You are just getting more and more fun each day! It's fun to see your happy personality developing. Here are some things about you:

*You have found your feet. You are constantly holding your legs or feet, and you love to get your toes in your mouth. Gross!

*You are great at tracking toys now. It seemed like one day you weren't doing it and the next day you were! Back and forth, up and down, you are a tracking pro!

*You're still a great sleeper, but some nights you wake up at 3 am and fuss or even cry. All it takes is your paci back in your mouth, and you drift right off to sleep again. No feeding necessary! I know we'll probably regret giving you your paci (we don't want you to get too dependent on that), but while I'm still working for a few more weeks, we'll do what we have to to get a few more Zs. We still swaddle you to sleep for most of your naps and definitely every night. You like to feel cozy and secure. Again, we might start to wean you off the swaddling, but we'll wait until I'm home full time. We don't want to mess with your pattern right now.

*You are a giggle box now! It's so funny that for your 3 month post, I said you weren't laughing yet, but it was that same night that you gave us your first giggle! You only giggle for Mama right now, but everyone enjoys hearing you! You open your mouth so big, and it seems like you're trying really hard to make the laugh come out. It's hysterical!

*You're getting into your toys now. You take things we hand you (even with 2 hands), and you have good aim with getting your toys into your mouth. Gram excitedly called me at work one day to tell me that you'd put your paci back in your mouth all by yourself! You're so talented.

*You hate tummy time. Back at your 2 month appointment, the doctor told us to do 5 minutes of tummy time, three times a day. You get more like 20 seconds one time per day. You fuss and scream on your tummy, and it makes you so upset that you stay mad even when I pick you back up and try to calm you. So much for that!

*Maybe it's because of the lack of tummy time, but you're still not rolling over. It seems sometimes like you're close, but I'm not sure when this milestone will happen for you.

*You seem to be growing like a weed! We go back to the doctor for your 4 month appointment on Monday, so we'll know then how much you officially weigh and how long you are.

I love to come get you in the mornings and see you grin up at me as I lift you out of your crib. It's so funny when you're half-crying, half-smiling/giggling. You're hungry, but you're just so glad I'm there. You're such a cutie-pie! I can't wait to spend every day playing with and loving on my sweet girl.


Clothes: 3-6 months and Carter's 6 months (These are starting to get too small!)

Weight: 12 pounds, 4 ounces

Length: 25 1/4 inches

Diaper size: 2

Sleep: 8:30/9 pm - 6 am

Naps: 8-10/10:30, 12:00-2:00, & one late afternoon doze

4 month pose with elephant

compared to the 3 month picture

And a quick video clip of our giggly girl: