Kate is 3 months old

Dear Kate,

You are such a joy to your mama and daddy! You are such a great baby. Not to say you don't have fussy days, but for the most part, you are very go-with-the-flow! You have been consistently sleeping through the night for several weeks now. (Thank you very much!) You have recently discovered your hands and feet. It's so funny how you stare down at your feet as you kick your cute legs. It looks like you're thinking, "Are those mine??" Those legs are constantly moving, especially at bath time when you just kick and splash, grinning from ear to ear. You smile almost anytime I smile at you, and you are your "smiliest" in the morning. It's cute to see you smile at your reflection in the mirror. I think a giggle is not far off! You're not big on tummy time, so you haven't started to roll yet. Your head and neck are strong, and you love to push up on your legs when we hold you up.

And after all that kicking and smiling and playing, you show me you're tired by laying your arms on either side of your sweet head. I love to hold you close and rock you as you fall asleep.


Clothes: 3-6 month (Except Carter's footed sleepers - She's been in 6 month sleepers for a while.)

Weight: close to 13 pounds (?)

Length: 24ish inches

Diaper size: 1-2

Sleep: 9 pm - 6 am (7-7:30 am if I don't have to wake her up.)

Naps: really inconsistent

Here's Kate with her stuffed elephant. As I take monthly pictures, it will be nice to have something to size her up against.

And another picture of our cutie-pie, taken at 11 weeks.