holga film, european edition

In addition to taking pics with my "real" camera and my iPhone, I also dragged my Holga to Europe. This is only my second roll of film on the Holga, and something went wrong when I loaded it. Some of the roll ended up getting exposed, while the ones that did come out have these black specks on them. I was just thrilled to have any come out! I guess that's what you get for using a "toy" camera. I starred my favorites. Which ones do you like?

Kodak Tri-X 400 B&W 120mm film

1. Paris. Eiffel tower.

2. Rome. View from our balcony at the Waldorf.

*3. Florence. View of the duomo from our room.

*4. Florence. Top of the duomo.

*5. Florence. View from the top of the duomo (2).

6. Tuscany somewhere. Monsanto Winery.

7. Milan. Duomo. (This obviously just barely made it! Interesting all the same.)

*8. Milan. Glass covered shopping area adjacent to the duomo.

*9. Milan. View of the duomo through the shopping area arches. (This one's my favorite. I love the birds in flight. Can you see them?)

Here was my first Holga roll if you want to look back!
I think next time I'll try color. It's fun, even if my results are pretty sloppy!

holga film

I finished my first roll of 120 film in my Holga camera a couple of months ago, but I took forever to finally send it in. There are only a few that turned out even okay, but with a toy camera & medium format, they're really not supposed to be perfect. I could definitely use some practice, though! I'm asking Santa for more film in my stocking. :)

Ilford Delta Pro 100 Black & White Film