the girls' school christmas program

I was saying to Nick how strange it would feel that we'd be in the audience without a squirmy Caroline in our laps... they would BOTH be up on stage this time! Famous. Last. Words. Caroline cried and cried when her class got up on stage, and finally a teacher brought her down and she sang the songs from my lap. We were so surprised! Caroline seems like the type who would enjoy the spotlight. Maybe she was tired and overwhelmed! ?? SPC_1339-Edit



Kate VOLUNTEERED to be a townsperson. Shocker, huh? When the teacher told me she volunteered for a part, I was pretty sure she'd gotten Kate mixed up with someone else. I was SO proud of her for coming out of her shell and trying something new. She did very well, but she didn't like her costume. It wasn't quite up to her princess costume standards!



And here's a video from Nick's phone of the kids singing "Happy Birthday, Jesus." Such a sweet song!