kate's christmas dance recital

From 11/30 Kate's "official" Christmas dance recital was held on Dec. 21 at the high school auditorium, but I took an untested zoom lens with me (BAD results), and Nick's iPhone video didn't turn out either. Fortunately, Kate had another performance of her recital piece ("Run Run Rudolph") just after Thanksgiving in the McKinney square for the "Home for the Holidays" event. Unfortunately, not all of her class was able to attend this performance, but you get the idea. :)

These were taken with my 85mm f/1.8 lens. It's so sharp, but I need more reach!  I'm thinking about getting a (reliable) zoom lens for these types of events.














Strike a pose!SPC_0343Here's that face, at 100% crop! close-up

Here's the video. I was taking pictures with my big camera AND trying to video w/ my iPhone at the same time, so it's really bad quality. Sorry if you feel like you're being tossed around in the dryer! (Oh, AND I didn't get the video started on time, so you miss the first little bit. I'm guessing you won't mind.) :)