arboretum film

These are from last Tuesday, July 9, when we went on an Arboretum play date with "the other Kate and Caroline." ;) I used Richard Photo Lab to get this and another roll scanned, and they got the scans back to me ONE DAY after receiving them in the mail!! I was so surprised at the quick turnaround. The color on these is excellent. I'm very pleased with them, and will continue to send my film there for the time being.

Nikon N80 + 85mm f/1.8 + Portra 160 film (rated at box speed) + scanned by RPL

NO editing other than straightening ones I shot crooked. Hallelujah for no editing!!


*Crying because her dress was wet. Poor baby.


*I know I missed focus on this one, but I loved her little "I'm trying not to smile" face. :)